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PLEASE ONLY PICK TWO READINGS FROM EACH THEME THAT HAVE THE LETTER “G” in front of it. That was the only book I was able to attach to use for the assignment readings.
The book ^
Your response must refer to something specific in at least four of the readings assigned for that week, 2 of which should be readings listed under “Theme 1 Readings” and the other two listed under “Theme 2 Readings”. our reading responses will not be graded, but they must include sufficient, thoughtful comments that demonstrate your understanding of the reading in order to receive credit. If I determine that your response should not get credit, I will provide you with feedback. Usually, uncredited responses are too vague, too short, or refer to readings assigned for a different week. Each credited reading response is worth 4% of your final course grade [maximum of 20%].

Theme 1 Readings: Intersections

K “Conceptualizing Thai Genderscapes: Transformation and Continuity in the Thai Sex/Gender System” Käng, Reading 13

K “Multiple Genders among Native Americans” Nanda, Reading 6

K “Native American Men-Women, Lesbians, and Two-Spirits: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives” Lang, Reading 15

K “Intersectionality: A Transformative Paradigm in Feminist Theory and Social Justice” Thornton Dill and Kohlman, Reading 7

K “Intersectionality in a Transnational World” Purkayastha, Reading 11

G “Why You Don’t Have to Choose a White Boy Name to be a Man in This World” Tokawa 207-12

G “Jihad” Arsanjani 70-71

Theme 2 Readings: Gendered Embodiment

K “‘Malu’: Coloring Shame and Shaming the Color of Beauty in Transnational Indonesia” Saraswati, Reading 31

K “Embodied Inequality: The Experience of Domestic Work in Urban Ecuador” Masi de Casanova, Reading 27

G “Taking Up Space” Lukoff 122-7

G “Trans-ing Gender: The Surgical Option” Allen 101-6

G “The Manly Art of Pregnancy” wallace 188-94

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