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Hi this is a group essay. I just need Target market and 3 personas two parts. We choose stress reliving protein bar.
Our value proposition is release pressure,keep full, helpful for body management and delicious. 3 personas put it into a chart will be perfect just like example in lecture. I was think 3 types of persona is have pressure businessman, student, and busy women who also pay attention to her body shape. However, if you have better idea feel free to change. For market share I need some sources yo be cited. For market share word maybe 200-400 is fine. Persona word count up to you as long as it is clear and follow the structure.

Digital Marketing

Your group is consulting for a newly established online company. They are both completely unknown and would like to gain traction in order to start generating sales. The purpose of this project is to reflect the current growth on online start-up companies. Many of which have great starting ideas, but poor digital strategy and execution. You will need to work with your team to provide a comprehensive digital strategy report (An example of an exact outline will be uploaded soon) – These are both new products. They do not have any brand equity and therefore cannot leverage off any existing brands. – You will need to select ONE OF THESE PRODUCTS and CHOOSE A BRAND NAME to write you report for


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