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  1. I’m looking to place an order to get help in writing an research article/journal. Content should be related to automotive engineering and finance/economics, on some unusual topic to stand it out in a high trending space and be accepted for publication.
  2. Keywords: Artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning, vehicle connectivity, Experimental Economic Methods, Experimental Evolutionary, Mixed Economy, Subsistence Economy, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Macrodynamics, Macroeconomics.
  3. I’m thinking to get about minimum 8 pages. However, it may go to 15 pages (more or less is acceptable if we have the specific content to elaborate and present it to the committee). No extraneous or redundant information is required.
  4. I would need the research paper to contain some simulation, implementation, case study, or other evidence of research advancement to publish.
  5. You can check or for writing/journal submission requirements, like citations in a proper way.
  6. No interview/real-time experiments are possible. In this case, writer can provide your data or the writer can make up the data.


The journal considers all original research manuscripts provided that the work reports scientifically sound experiments and provides a substantial amount of new information. We should not unnecessarily divide the work into several related manuscripts, although short communications of preliminary, but significant, results will be considered. Quality and impact of the study will be considered during peer review. If more pages need to be added, please let know.

For materials and methods: They should be described with sufficient detail to allow others to replicate and build on published results. New methods and protocols should be described in detail while well-established methods can be briefly described and appropriately cited.

Discussion: Authors should discuss the results and how they can be interpreted in perspective of previous studies and of the working hypotheses. The findings and their implications should be discussed in the broadest context possible and limitations of the work highlighted. Future research directions must also be mentioned. This section may be combined with Results.

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