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i need to write a assignment outline for an essay . i attached the grading rubric and a research article i would like to use for this assignment. please follow the instructions and write no less than half a page to complete this assignment. please use 2 sources of your own to cite.

PSYC 382 Paper Outline Rubric

Instructions: Submit an outline of your term paper as a PDF on Canvas by Oct 1st at 4:00 pm. Looking ahead, your term paper will be a critical summary of a neurocognitive model and will be 4 – 5 pages maximum in length. Your outline should at least be ½ – 1 page in length. If you choose to do one of the two recommended models, note that a few relevant papers are posted on Canvas (under Files > Term Paper Files) but please include 3 additional references of your own. If you choose to write about another model and you want to ensure it is appropriate before you submit your outline, you can contact Nadja (

Outline Grading Scheme:

1.      Choose appropriate topic (/1)

  • You may pick one of the two options provided, or propose your own appropriate model/framework


2.      Structure (/1.5)

  • 5 = both major headings and their nested points are logically organized, points flow well from one to another down the page
  • 1 = overall structure is present but nested points could be better organized
  • .5 = both overall structure and nested points need improvement
  • 0 = no organization is apparent


3.      Content (/1)

  • 1 = headings describe paper sections well & major points are included under the appropriate headings and are relevant for the topic
  • .5 = headings aren’t very descriptive of the sections or don’t relate very well to the topic & major points are not very relevant and/or could be moved elsewhere
  • 0 = no obvious headings, and points are either irrelevant for the topic or are incomprehensible


4.      Collect 3 references (/1.5)

  • .5 for each reference
  • the 3 references must be academic (peer-reviewed!) sources. You may include other types of references, but they will not count for marks in the



Total: 5%


Note: You do not need to have all the details fleshed out at this point – the purpose is to get you thinking about your paper topic early in the course. You may even decide to change your topic as the course progresses – this is totally fine, just make sure to get your new topic approved by Nadja before you submit your paper later this semester.



  1. lighting fixture Photo Journal

Assignment instructions

Hello, I’m interior architecture and design student and I have lighting class. The assignment is to finds photos for 6 spaces (open office, enclosed office, conference room, kitchen, lobby, and corridor) for each space we have to have 2 photos with different light fixture (better for each space to be as similar as you can, and the difference in the light fixture to compare the feeling) then we should write very short paragraph for each photo and answers these questions in this short paragraph:

What types of fixtures are used?  What color is the light?  How does the space feel using the common descriptions discussed in class?  What effects will the lighting have on the occupants?

Attached the assignment sheet for more details

Thanks in advance,

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