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A local news organization has published a story about the readmission rates for hospital in their area. The news organization determined from the data that two local hospitals will be receiving reduced reimbursement from CMS because their readmission rates fall outside of the accepted range. Upon contacting a spokesperson from each hospital, the new organization received the following responses to their inquiry:

Middling Medical Center: “These readmission rates were based on outdated data reported several years ago. This data does not accurately reflect the care that we provide to our patients. We have made numerous changes to our processes in the past several years and this is not reflected in this data. We are not concerned by these results and believe we continue to delivery high quality care.”

Quality Hospital : “We have proactively conducted our own analysis of this data prior to the CMS report and determined that our area of concern is confined to one service line. In response to our analysis, we have implemented a hotline for patients discharge from this service line to call with any questions after discharge. This call center is staffed by service line nurses that have access to the patients discharge instructions and providers if necessary. We feel this is important data that we must take seriously to keep our quality of care at the level that our patients expect.”
Discuss the differences in responses by the two hospitals and the CMS readmissions programs.

What do you think about the responses from these two hospitals?
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