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  1. Why does a new product decision by a business have to take into account the core competency of the business, perceived competitive advantage and the forecasted market demand for the product? Create a business example to illustrate these three decision-making criteria.
  2. Why is Quality Function Deployment critical in the design of a new product?  How is information collected?  Create a business scenario using Quality Function Deployment and House of Quality as the basis for the launching of a new product.
  3. Could the use of DFMA create a product that is less difficult to assemble?   If it is less difficult to assemble, could this lead to a higher quality finished product? How?  Could this also lead to improved employee morale? Why?   Create a manufacturing example using DFMA that illustrates an improvement in quality and employee morale.
  4. In your own words, why would a business use a robust design?
  5. How is modular design cost-effective for a company that manufactures similar products?
  6. Provide an example of time-based competition.  How does this relate directly to the potential “branding” and name recognition of a product?
  7. When is a make-or-buy decision utilized?    Provide an example.
  8. Create your own bill of material for a simple meal item that you prepare.
  9. You are an assembly line worker at a manufacturing firm. You are on a product development team for a new model of an existing product.  Describe the new product and make a list of the other job titles within your company that would be on this product development team.  What role does each of these perform?  Why would an assembly line worker be invited to be on such a prestigious team?
  10. Using an example, describe the process of value analysis.
  11. How is a business culture of intrepreneurship invaluable to a service or manufacturing operation?

  1. Many business leaders claim that the backbone of American business success is innovation and creativity.  How does capitalism enhance these types of behaviors?  How does the “individualism” within our American culture reinforce these ideas?
  2. Discuss the operations management complexities in the catering processes at Emirates Airways.  Did these systems ever cross your mind before watching this video?  Surprised?

  1. How would the information contained in the following video be beneficial to you as a business product developer?


  1. Select one of the following current questions.
  2. Discuss Gucci’s launching of a website for an online selling refurbished vintage products. In your opinion, is this a good business decision for the U.S. market?  Why or why not?

  1. Discuss the following article on Apple.

  1. Discuss the following product design by Heinz.

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