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Topic is : Abortion rights and their erosion since Roe v. Wade [1973]

Overview: This is step 1 of 4 for your final term paper. At the end of the semester, you will submit a paper roughly 10-15 pages long. If this stresses you out, don’t worry! You will be submitting this paper in multiple steps and will get feedback and help along the way. Each assignment will be a part of your final submission, so you will piece together your final draft over the entire semester. The goal is to help you develop your LEGAL writing skills and polish a paper that could eventually be used as a writing sample. Here is a brief description of the stages:

STEP 1: Paper Topic: You must come up with a legal topic. The choice is up to you, but try to select a topic that interests you. The point of the final term paper is for you to work on legal analysis, so you will be required to use a case law approach. That means you will analyze legal arguments from written legal opinions.

STEP 2: References and Formatting: You must find 5 suitable written opinions that can be used for your paper and submit them as a reference page. You must also decide on an academic format for your research paper and illustrate that you know how to use in-text citations.

STEP 3: Rough Draft: Review the feedback given on your first two submissions. USE THAT FEEDBACK! Submit a rough draft of at least 8 pages [references don’t count towards the total pages]. You can ensure that you will receive a good grade by turning in a full draft at this point, your grade will be locked in if you submit a full 10-15 page draft at this point. Please consider using this option if you are worried about your grade. This is your chance to get feedback on your entire paper before you submit it for the final grade.

STEP 4: Final Draft Submission: Submit the final draft of the paper for your grade. Ideally, you will have corrected issues identified at Step 1-3. The final submission is worth the most points, so if you struggled with previous steps, this is your opportunity to dramatically improve your grade. I am mostly interested in seeing the final product that you produce.

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