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The Discussion Board topic for the week is: share an idea for a new business with your classmates and why you think it would work. Does it solve a problem? Address a need? Is it aimed at an easily identifiable market?
If you’re really thinking of starting this business and you’re concerned about your idea being stolen, think of another business idea that meets a need and talk about that one
Please respond to two classmates’ posts below:
A post:
My business idea is to become a wellness coach for managers and leaders. I would teach them meditation and mindfulness techniques as well as leadership techniques, merging these areas together to take a holistic approach to management. Not only being a good leader, but being a good person.
I believe there is a lack of empathy in corporate management and by running this business, I could help not only the people I coach, but also everyone who works with them as well. I believe that this lack of empathy is the problem I would be trying to solve and that the need is definitely there. The Covid epidemic and the new distributed workplace, ie working from home, have definitely increased the need for empathy in the American workplace. My target market would be lower and middle management at larger companies and also sole proprietors.
One of the perks of this job would be that I could work remotely, offering coaching via online meetings.

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