Please see attached instructions and rubric. No need for Abstract page, please read instructions and rubric carefully. Paragraphs are not to exceed 3-5 sentences. Thank you


DUE: week 10                                                                    

The student will choose a condition they would like to know more about. Do not use the same topic as your mock patient interviews.The student will introduce why they chose the condition, tell us a little bit about the condition and then summarize the article researched and reflect on what was learned from the article that will help with your dental hygiene care of this type of patient.  The article must be from a reputable source!

Paragraph layout:

– Introduction- Why this topic interests you or why you chose this topic

– 1st paragraph: What is the condition? Define it and its potential complications

– 2nd paragraph: Summarize the article

– 3rd paragraph: Why is this information important to you as a dental hygienist?

– Conclusion: Summary of what was learned and how you will use this information in future practice


See rubric for what is expected of you for this assignment.

You will notice these topics are less common, if you have a topic you would really like to do, you can email me and ask. Some topics we already have article assignments on, so I will not allow these topics to be used for this assignment.

1.       Muscular dystrophy

2.       ALS- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

3.       Lichen planus

4.       Panic attack

5.       OCD- Obsessive compulsive disorder

6.       IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

7.       GERD- Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

8.       Psoriasis

9.       Lupus

10.    Sciatica

11.    Neurofibromatosis

12.    Alopecia

13.    End stage renal disease

14.    Cystic fibrosis

15.    Pneumonia

16.    Endometriosis

17.    Crohn’s Disease

18.    Celiac Disease

19.    Fibromyalgia

20.    Ulcerative colitis

21.    Rickets

22.    Kawasaki disease

23.    Sarcoidosis

24.    PTSD

25.    Substance abuse

26.    Vision impairment










Article Summary Rubric                                                             Name: _____________________ #_____

Article Topic: _________________________

Category Points Description- Full Credit


Partial Credit


Minimal Credit


Title Page
10 Title page is accurate, and complete. Follows APA guidelines and format.

Includes page number, Title of document, Student name, College name, course name, instructor name, date.


Title page has 1-2 missing or incorrect items.



Title page has 3 or more missing or incorrect items.


Introduction: Condition Selection and Justification
10 Introduction is completely and accurately represented in one paragraph introducing the reader to why the condition was selected. Includes what the student believes he/she will acquire from reading this article. 3-5 sentences.


Missing some info on why topic was selected and what the student will learn from it.


Intro is unclear on why topic was selected or why the student thinks it is useful.


Body/ Summary:

3 paragraphs

30 Student follows above formatting for paragraphs. Each paragraph includes the necessary information as listed above. The student includes new information gained from the article. The information is correctly and accurately stated from the student’s standpoint. Uses at least 2 in-text APA citations to credit the article author. Supports each idea with 3-4 sentences of the students own.

[10 points per paragraph]

Paragraphs are somewhat unorganized. Only 1 citation is used. Some information is inaccurate.




Most information is inaccurate. No citations are used or entire paragraphs consist of only citations. Paragraphs are unclear.
Reflection/ Conclusion
10 Reflection/conclusion is represented in one paragraph. Reflection accurately and completely includes what was learned from the article that will assist the student in the care of clinical patients with that condition or something similar. Some information is lacking or unclear.


Most information is unclear and inaccurate.
Reference page
10 Citations are accurate- complete, clear and concise. Reference page follows APA guidelines and format.

Clearly identifies author, year, name of article, publisher, journal number, issue, date and website.


1-2 APA errors or missing information.


3 or more APA errors or missing information.


Reputable source and Mechanics

Organization, Cohesiveness


Spelling, Length

10 Journal is reputable. The topic is from the list and relevant to dental hygiene care. Follows APA guidelines: formatting and citations. Formatting is correct, complete and accurate. Punctuation, grammar, spelling is accurate. Contains 4 pages including title and reference page.


Journal is not reputable. Some formatting/ grammatical errors. < ½ page off in length.


Numerous grammatical errors. Does not follow format or APA. >1/2 page off in length. The paper is not cohesive


Total 80 The student will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. Total: _____/80


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