Scholar-Practitionership Research Paper

Review videos and discussion…. Write a one page paper to Reflect on the discussion and any insights you have had as a result of the comments made by your colleagues. Also, think about how the insights you have gained might impact your future actions.

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Discussion 1 – I enjoyed watching your presentation because I’ve never realized the impact that the knowledge/educational experience of a counselor can have on a school counselor. I definitely think by having that added experience, it would make it slightly easier to empathize and understand the needs of the students, faculty, and staff. Having a lasting impact on both students and staff is what I strive to do as well, my motto that I follow for this is ” be the change and know thy impact”. I love the idea and approach that many other schools are utilizing for research based education opposed to the traditional way because education is constantly changing based on research.

Discussion 2 – I loved listening over your presentation. You made some very valid points regarding what we do in the classroom affecting our communities. One thing I am worried about leaving the classroom is continuing to be able to build a relationship with students. You mentioned that this was one of the goals you hope to reach as an administrator. What steps would you take to ensure that you would be able to continue building a relationship with students around the school without being in the classroom? From what you mentioned of continuing fostering a diverse culture, I believe this will be a great step to help any of the students you come across. I especially commend you in the love and nurturing you protrude in being sure children as young as first grade are able to feel they can truly be themselves and feel safe to admit that they feel differently than others around them may. I believe if you continue in this, you will be an amazing administrator. Just in the fact that many people in your community believe you are speaks volumes in how your character and how you present yourself.

Discussion 3- Hey Nina. This ties in with Dr. Kim was saying about building community where everyone feel they belong. The fact that workers are working and are always willing to go the extra mile show that they have a caring leader. Students too can sense when there principal cares as they are able to refer to them by names and share in other activities which give them a chance to see another side of them away from just the strict disciplinarian.

Discussion 3- To be a principal really is not a easy job so we are hoping that we gain best practices from experienced practitioners in the field as the wealth of knowledge that comes with doing this course.

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