Scenario-based summary grant proposal

Scenario-based summary grant proposal, using a simplified version of the format required by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Identify a museum that you consider has a collections management issue for which you can create a project and seek funding to improve collections care. The problem area can be related to any of the 10 agents of deterioration that collections generally face.
The project proposal will also have to justify the need to conduct inventory/digitization or cataloging activities, depending on the level of object information available online to the public.
The details of the project should be presented in narrative format and incorporate sources from our readings. You can use the following as a guide for the content of the proposal sections.
(1 page)


Significance of collections
(2-3 pages)

Indicate current collections management challenge and the solution to prevent or mitigate the issue selected, including how you will also address inventory/digitization issues.

Indicate methods and standards that will guide the implementation of the project.
(1 page)

Work plan and estimated budget (a table format can be used for this)

Project team

Project results and dissemination
Written assignments will use the MLA citation method and the formatting standards will be double spaced and Times New Roman 12 pt. You may review the grading rubric to understand how the grading takes place.
Paper is due on October 21st at 11:59 pm Eastern Time, 2021.
Example indicating issue:

The Museum of Contemporary Fashion has a collection of textiles (200 garments) and leather shoes (80 pairs) that are stored in different parts of the building and exposed to diverse environmental conditions. The variation in rates for relative humidity and temperature in the numerous housing spaces at the museum has caused deterioration on 30% of the items in the collections. After storm Delta in 2020, we have also seen an increase in signs of infestation of beetles and mold.
Example of project objective to address the issue:
Rehouse collections by material type, locating vulnerable collections in spaces that are more naturally stable, with updated environmental controls for organic materials.

I choose paleontology collections of the Alabama Museum of Natural History. Please see attach file name ( paleontology collections ) proposal and use it.

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