Rhetorical analysis of an advertisement


For this assignment your task is to choose an advertisement (print or commercial) and compose analysis on its use of visual and verbal rhetoric used to persuade or connect with the audience. Use the techniques for visual analysis you’ve learned from reading Chapter 13 in your textbook as well as the rhetorical appeals to help you critically analyze your advertisement. You should identify the purpose of the ad and explain how the ad supports that thesis as well as explain how well the ad persuades its target audience to accept the thesis. Your writing must support the analysis and evaluation with evidence from the ad itself and do so in a clear and logical manner.

Your essay should be composed of the following:
1. Introduction
2. Description (make sure you description is only one paragraph)
3. Analysis
4. Conclusion

Your introduction should provide a thesis statement about the ad’s approach (rhetorical appeals) and effectiveness (see sample ad thesis). The introduction should be concise, but act similar to an abstract so that if your reader were to review only that portion of the essay they could wholly understand the ad’s approach as well as your evaluation.

Your description should be thorough enough so that your reader can visualize your ad without actually seeing it. In doing this consider the most minute of details down to color, shape, font, light, figures, people, and textures of the ad.

Your analysis must provide a clear and detailed discussion of rhetorical mechanisms at work in the ad. In this section you are offering claims that explain the ad’s thesis along with evidence to your assertions. Your analysis will also be an argument of whether or not rhetorical devices and approaches are working effectively to convey the thesis you identified in the ad.

Your conclusion should recap on the prior arguments without directly restating them. Take this brief section as time to contemplate if the elements of your ad worked effectively overall to reach their target audience.

You do NOT need to include a works cited page for this essay unless you are choosing to use outside sources.

This essay should be free of grammatical, mechanical, and usage errors. The essay should comprise sentences and paragraphs that logically develop your argument. The transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and sections should be clear.

Your essay should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, and posses 1” margins along with an MLA style header that states your name and the page number and it should also contain a heading with your name, my name, the course name, and date.

Your essay should also follow the guidelines, you’ve just read about in order to achieve formal academic writing. Please avoid using conversational language, “text-speak,” and the first person (“I”) as it lessens the sophistication of your essay.

Essay length: 2.5-4 pages. Your essay must also be MLA formatted. You must meet the length requirement’s word count to receive full credit on this assignment.

We will be utilizing the writing process for this assignment. There is a separate prewriting assignment, rough draft assignment, and peer review assignment.

This is the advertisement I selected

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