Research proposal

Topic is Journalism and the threat of disinformation/ misinformation, ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’.


Use in-text citations for material from sources. You are encouraged to write in first person active tense (e.g. ‘In researching this topic for my portfolio, I aim to find out …’). This is a reflective exercise that aims to help you work towards your finished project.

  • Introduction (200 words): State your topic and your research question/s, the purpose of your portfolio, and summarise the method and format you are using.
  • Development and design of the portfolio (500 words)
    • If you are doing a creative portfolio(video): discuss your method in detail, how it will provide the answers to your research questions, and initial findings of research conducted so far. Also discuss the medium you have chosen, the format and any technical skills you need to produce the portfolio, and why this is the best way to present your portfolio
    • Research and resources (900 words)
    • Provide an annotated list of 5-10 main research sources that will inform your content, including a selection of scholarly sources plus media and/or grey sources. See the Monash Harvard guide for correct format:
    • Write 2-4 paragraphs on what you still need to source for the research, and what research gaps you’ve noticed in the available sources that your own research portfolio will fill.
  • Schedule and time management (200 words)
    • Write a schedule for completing the project, including what you will need to do in the remaining weeks (from Week 9) until the submission date.
  • Reflection and conclusion (200 words)
    • What has surprised you, or what have you found most interesting about researching this topic? What are the main challenges in producing your portfolio?

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