Research paper

You will be doing some research for this course and then write a paper that reports on your findings.

For the research, you should locate and use a minimum of 7 sources [3 primary sources and 4 secondary sources]. Your primary sources may be found in the digital archives accessed through the Library’s newspaper and historical archive databases or interview with senior/elderly people. If you choose to use primary sources other than those, please have them approved by your instructor before you begin your research. A good secondary source is one of the textbooks or readings that we have used in class.


Your research report should be at least 4-5 pages long or a minimum of [1500 words] excluding the bibliography. For information on formatting your paper properly and using correct citations, please refer to the Social Sciences Style Guide on Blackboard. You may use APA style; MLA style; Chicago Style or Harvard Style, but you should be consistent when using any style with both in-text citation and bibliography.


The research outline:


  1. Introduction: background of the topic and thesis statement or research question
  2. Body: the research may have from 3-4 main points depends on the topic. Each point should include explanations, examples and details.
  1. Conclusion: in the conclusion you need to reward your thesis
  2. Bibliography: list of all the resources
  3. Appendices: to add the interview script [if any] or any used documents


How to analyze historical sources: 


  1. Locate the articles/books about the topic.
  2. Read the source.
  3. What kind of source are they?Do all the articles/books agree with each other?
  1. Reporting an incident?
  2. Commenting on something that happened?
  3. General interest or informative?
  4. Editorial?
  1. Does one source present a different point of view?
  2. Do you think the articles/book present facts, or do they push a perspective?
  3. Write a short essay analyzing the articles you found using all the points listed above.


Suggestions for research:

  1. Religious Diversity in the lower Gulf region during the Pre-Islamic Era
  2. The Kingdom of Hormuz and the Portuguese
  3. Qasimi and Bu Said war
  4. Julfar
  5. Baniyas Tribe
  6. Treaties with the British
  7. The Trucial Coast
  8. Rulers and/or the people of the Trucial States
  9. British role in the region during WW1 and WW2
  10. The Buraimi Dispute
  11. Discovery of oil.
  12. Bedouins
  13. Pearl diving
  14. Early history of a tribe [student should select one tribe]
  15. British wars against Ras-Al-Khaimah


Library Sources:


Times of London Digital Archives


New York Times Digital Archives


British Library


National Archives


Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine

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