Reflective Summary

Please use the E-Portfolio Template to assist with the completion of this assessment //750 max / APA ref

Students are required to use the learning resources on vUWS and write a reflective summary on their strengths and competencies for a career in the health sciences using the Graduate Capital Framework (Tomlinson, 2017) as a model.
Reflective Summary:
Using the Graduate Capital Framework (GCF) (Tomlinson, 2017), reflect on aspects of your human, social, cultural, identity and psychological capital to discuss:

  • What are your strength and competencies in these areas of capital?
  • How these strengths and competencies can be used when working with clients/communities/populations or other members of the health professional team?
  • Examples
  • GCF literature to support your reflection. Refer to at least three (3) reputable academic sources to support yourdiscussion. Lecture notes can be used to identify appropriate sources but should not be used as references.
    Please note: You do no need to include all 5 areas of capital in your reflection.

How can your competencies be used working with clients/communities/population groups/ members of the health professional team
– Give practical examples of how you would use your competencies in practice when working with clients / communities / population groups / members of the team
– Use literature (pertaining to the capital framework) to support why use of these skills/competencies are impor- tant when working with clients and the impact on achieving service goals.
– Relate your skills to the competencies that you have been learning about in lectures and tutorials (e.g. – time management, aspects of professional behaviour, ethical standards, legal obligations).
The aim of the reflective summary is to identify your strengths and how you can use these when working with clients/population groups/ members of the team. The idea is for you to reflect on what your strengths are and where you still need to develop. It will not count negatively to discuss what you have not been able yet to translate to practice the knowledge you have learned. It is important, however, to acknowledge your shortcomings and identify how you can ensure you improve on those competencies.
Reference list: include a reference list for all the publications you have used in the reflective summary, using APA7 referencing style.
i have uploaded some unit tutorials and the learning guide the pages 8,9,10,11 of for this assessment and also the template needed

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