Reflection paper/Reflection essay

This paper is in response to your personal research for your devising group, instigated by material on Trello board and the assigned readings and expanding towards the interests that drive you, connecting to your experiences and your choices about how to live on this land. The purpose of the paper is to let the research grow into actions you want to take through your devising work.

Detailed Retrieval:

Describe aspects of the research prompts that relate to your part of the conversation and challenged your perspective on the world and which prompts affirmed it.

Thoughtful Reflection:

Why were these prompts personally challenging and/or affirming? Whatpart of your worldview is impacted? Is there anything in you that is resistant to these prompts? If you are struggling, how and why? If you are inspired, how and why? (Both can be generative).What do you most want to share with our audience?

Perform Action:

What are you seeing, feeling, and hearing? What images come to your mind, what performative ideas are coming to you? What shapes are emerging? What connections are you seeing with the structure of the show and our idea for “places” and “journeys”? What are you excited to develop in your assigned group? Can you articulate potential first steps on your creative path forward?

The paper can follow the pattern above using a paragraph to address each part of the process. Alternatively, you can write it as a story, or a poem. The paper should be between 350 and 500 words, so make it concise and full of impact. It is not a formal essay, and you can use the first-person “I”.

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