Reflection Paper

Working with your current research question, think about and reflect on how you would design your research project, based on your lessons learned from this module. Consider that this will contribute to your final project and exam later on. Which of the four types of research design would be most appropriate for your question and why?

Note in the slide presentation how the reflection assignment is marked. Assessments are worth five [5] points. You will get  points for identifying and explaining the research design process, which approach is best for your project, any critical considerations or implications you propose, questions that remain. Demonstrate what you think and how you know.

I look forward to reading your reflections!

You will be assigned five reflections at various points during the course modules. [Modules 4,5,8,9, and 11]. These will be due by midnight the following Friday of the Module. [5 points each]
In one page, your reflection should demonstrate your knowledge of the module topic i.e. something you have learned about the topic, your thinking and critical engagement with the concept – what are the broader implications or considerations? How does this topic apply to your research project [or how/why doesn’t it apply], your position on what is important or valuable about this module’s lesson. Your reflection should be a coherent written piece with introduction/concluding statements.
See each Module for specific, topic questions to guide your reflection.
It only has to be one page.

My research question is : How social networks improve educational efficiency as a study approach?

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