Real Estate Cover Letter

With an updated resume in hand, it’s time to write a cover letter as part of your application to a job. [Please check additional materials, I have attached my resume]

First, you’ll need to identify an internship or job in the REAL ESTATE field that you’re tailoring your cover letter for. You can search for one:

1] on Handshake [This need my login to access, so I have filtered location in Seattle and LA, also major and job field in Real Estate. The results mostly are internships, I have attached the screenshot for some of the internships and a job in the additional materials as an option. Please check out. Also, mostly all internships are $20 per hour.]

2] using real estate association job boards such as NAIOP, ULI Northwest, CoreNet, and others [Please target position offered by large company if possible, that will be great]


3] through general job boards such as Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and others

When starting your draft, see the UW Career Center’s advice on cover letters: and any other resources you know of. [Please check additional materials, I have attached instructions, format, and examples.]

The cover letter should be 1 page long, single-spaced. Please use a standard format with your contact information and that of the employer. The body of the letter should cover:

1] opening paragraph succinctly stating the position

2] why you are interested in the position and company

3] your qualifications with academic and professional skills and experiences and how they connect to the position/employer

4] why you are a great candidate for the position, and

5] closing paragraph summarizing your qualifications and interest and indicating your availability.

As indicated with the first step above, the cover letter should be tailored to the position, and while you can reuse some of the descriptions of your skills and experiences in the body paragraph for different applications, it is important to link them to the particular position you are applying to. You do not need to address every requirement in the job description but should make an effort to highlight how you meet key requirements.

*Please attach/include the position you are applying to as an appendix.
*Please leave my name, email, or phone number as “name” ” email” ” phone” or XXX. I will fill it in later.

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