Read attached material, and then Summarize and reflect on this exercise

This exercise will provide you with insights into how different people may frame Equity and fairness and how you as a manager may need to help people address these framing issues.

Assume that you are a manager of a group of professional employees in the electronics industry. Ray Lambert, one of your employees, asks to meet with you. The company has just announced an opening for a team leader position in your group, and you know that Ray wants the job.  You are unsure as to procced. Ray feels that he has earned the opportunity on the basis of his consistent efforts at work, but you see things a little differently.  Since you hired him about ten years ago, he has been a solid but not outstanding employee. As a result, he has consistently received average performance evaluations, pay increases, and so forth. He actually makes somewhat less money today than a couple of other people with less tenure in the group because they have stronger performance records.

You really want to appoint another employee, Margot Sylvant, to the job. She has worked for the firm for only six years, but during that time, she has consistently been your top performer. You want to reward her performance, and you think she will do an excellent job as a team leader. On the other hand,  you don’t want to lose Ray,  a solid member of the group. In anticipation of both your upcoming meeting with Ray, and how things will work out after you appoint Margot.

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