Punctuation Quotations

Punctuation Quotations
PART I: The following passages that appear in brackets are quotations, printed with the original capitalization and punctuation. Remove the brackets and add whatever punctuation is necessary, Make whatever additions and changes are necessary to put each sentence into proper form, including adding appropriate citations. For A – H, here is the poem you’ll need as a reference: Don’t forget to indicate line and stanza breaks!
Make the changes directly onto this sheet and post it back to me in the assignment! Good luck and I’m always here to answer questions.
a. Victor Hernandez Cruz wrote [Death by drowning has honor.].
b. Victor Hernandez Cruz wrote the following in his poem [Problems with Hurricanes] [Death by drowning has honor.].
c. [Death by drowning has honor] wrote Victor Hernandez Cruz.
d. Is it true, as Victor Hernandez Cruz writes, that [Death by drowning has honor?].
e. [How would your family feel if they had to tell The generations that you got killed by a flying Banana.]
f. Cruz suggest that fruit [hitting your Temple at 70 miles per hour is the ultimate disgrace.].
g. [mangoes, avocados, Green plantains and bananas]—these are some of the [beautiful sweet things] Cruz mentions in his poem.
h. Here’s the poem you’ll need for this example:
Tony Hoagland in his poem [Grammar] writes [Maxine, back from a weekend with her boyfriends, smiles like a big cat and says that she’s conjugated verb. She’s been doing the direct object with a second person pronoun named Phil, and when she walks into the room, everybody turns:].
i. For this example, I don’t have an online version to show you, so you’ll just have to make up your citation!
Hoagland describes a character’s wanting his doctor to [keep her leaning toward me,/with her sea green eyes and stethoscope, asking/ “does that hurt?”].
PART II: Create sentences that incorporate quotations according to the directions. Include a citation for each, if necessary.
1. Use this quotation by Victor Hernandez Cruz in a sentence that begins with an acknowledgement phrase.
If you are going out
beware of mangoes
And all such beautiful
sweet things.

Write your sentence here:

2. Use the following title by Tony Hoagland in a sentence that ends with an acknowledgment phrase:
Fred Had Watched a Lot of “Kung Fu” Episodes

Write your sentence here:

3. Use the following quotation by Tony Hoagland in a sentence with an acknowledgment phrase inserted in the middle:
We’re all attracted to the perfume
of fermenting joy.

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