Proven Secrets to Writing a Winning ‘Essay about Myself’

‘Tell us about yourself’ A dreadful statement that people find difficult to answer, yet it is common in the most crucial places such as job interviews and applications to higher learning institutions.

An essay about yourself is no different from the ‘tell us about yourself’ moment. It is an opportunity for you to explain yourself to your audience, portraying your individuality, which is needed to confirm the originality of your ideas, creativeness, attitude and other facets of your life. While there is much to say about yourself, only a small percentage of what you may initially have in mind may actually be viable. It is only that which adds weight to the position for which you are addressing that should feature in your paper.

When writing an essay about yourself, you first need to understand the kind of essay you are dealing with. You can either write:

  1. A reflection paper in which you are asked to respond to a piece of interests such as a book, an article or a painting in a critical manner or
  2. An application paper where you write about your life experiences and how they have shaped your personality.

These are the most common ‘essays about myself’.

These essays are often written when applying, such as for a job or seeking admission in a learning institution, and great a deal is at stake at such instances. A perfect essay about yourself can determine whether you get admitted to a college/university or get a job. Therefore, you want to portray the best picture of yourself that will be ‘selling’ to our audience.

How then do you write a winning ‘essay about myself’?

There is no definite answer! The success of an essay about yourself is determined by your ability to write excellently, have an idea of how to market yourself, an understanding of your audience and what they are looking for at the least.

Why Should You Write an Essay About Yourself?

  1. To portray your individuality
  2. To affirm the value you will add to an organization to which you are addressing your essay to.
  3. To prove that you are the best and deserve the position you are applying for

Writing an Excellent ‘Essay About Myself’

There is a lot to write about yourself. However, writing an excellent essay about yourself requires more than a story about your life. You need to be precise and critical to include only that which brings the best in you relative to the position you are seeking or the reason for writing the paper.

An ‘essay about myself’ is written following the same structure as other paper types. It should have an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction section varies significantly depending on the type and purpose of your essay. Nonetheless, it should be well formulated to capture the attention of your reader and in a manner that enables you to describe your intended message. You can start your ‘essay about myself’ by providing an excellent context or a note on your biography.

The body section should comprise a deeper exploration of your message. In this section, and depending on the purpose of your essay, you can include such as your achievements, strengths, weaknesses and future goals. Be certain to select and organize your work in such a way that brings the best of you relative to the position your application is directed to. The content of your essay should show how your achievements, experience, weaknesses, strengths and so forth qualify you for the position.

More so, be certain to state how the position you are interested in will bring personal and professional development and aid in your practice as well as in your practice and service to community.

Your conclusion should be as strong as your introduction and should stamp the reason why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying to. Restate why your life experiences, interests, strengths, weaknesses, etc. make you an excellent match for the targeted position. Also, be certain to restate how you will contribute to the institution and/or the community once you have been selected for the position.

Last but not least,

Writing an essay about yourself can be challenging especially if it is open. In cases when you have been asked to address a specific subject, it might be easier but still, you will need the same criticality and creativeness when writing your paper.

Writing an ‘essay about myself’ when you haven’t been given a specific topic or prompts to handle is way more complex and challenging. It requires being more than witty, creative, critical and having excellent organizational skills. Such cases require that you focus on one area/message that best describes who you are relative to the position you are applying to.

How then do you find the best message that does that?

Only a person with experience writing these kinds of essays can infer the best way to approach your essay. That is why you should consider paying someone to write an essay about yourself. Is this possible? Definitely!

How Long is an ‘Essay About Myself’?

We cannot definitively state how long an essay about yourself should be. Mostly, your instructor will define how long your personal essay should be. If the length of the essay is not specified, you will have to figure out how long an ‘essay about myself’ will be.

Nonetheless, most ‘essays about myself’ tend to range between 400-600 words.

Dos and Don’ts When Writing an Essay About Yourself

  1. Try to focus on your personal life
  2. Avoid trivial phrases and clichés
  3. Your essay should not just describe who you are but how who you are makes you the best applicant for the position of interest.
  4. Be sincere and vulnerable as long as it brings the best of what your audience is looking for
  5. Be precise and simple
  6. Avoid sensitive and controversial issues

Process of Writing a Winning Essay About Yourself

  1. Choose a precise message

Understand what your audience wants and determine the best precise message/topic about your life that meets the objective.

  1. Plan

How will you introduce the message/topic you have chosen?  How will you conclude your essay? How will you organize your life experience to explore your intended topic effectively? Your approach to your essay should show why you are qualified for the position you are interested in. Choose only the viable and most critical situations about your life to include in your essay.

  1. Develop an Outline

Create a simple outline of how you will approach your essay. Perfect it to have the best outline for your introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Write and Edit Your Essay

Once you are certain that your outline is perfect, proceed and write your essay. Review it, have a third party review it and edit it to perfection.

Can I Pay Someone to ‘Write an Essay About Myself’?

The question itself is ironical because it raises concerns as to whether someone can write about your personality better than you can. Nonetheless, you can pay someone to write an essay about yourself – remember biographies?. All you need to do is share some defining moments in your life, information about the position for which you are applying for or the purpose of the essay.

Once that is said and done, an experienced writer such as the ones we have in our company should be able to figure out what the audience being addressed is looking for and subsequently formulate an essay based on your life that shows how best your experiences, strengths, weaknesses and so on qualify you for the position you are seeking.

It is not that simple as at times, your writer may keep on asking for information once in a while due to the particular nature of these essays. Such information helps your writer to write a subjective and winning essay about yourself.

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