Project Draft

Delillo Wineries has been a small but successful high-end winery based in Napa Valley. They have been marketing primarily to restaurants and through wine clubs with retail sales accounting for only 10% of their total sales. They are thinking of launching a new set of products aimed at capturing a broader segment of the consumer market. Traditionally, good wine has been packaged in glass bottles, but Delillo is considering marketing their premium Chardonnay and Merlot as boxed wine which could be sold in supermarkets and wine stores. Within the box, the wine is stored in 3-liter bags (about 4 standard bottles) of multilayered resin film mostly manufactured by the Scholle Corp. of Irvine, Calif., which pioneered the “bag in box” concept 50 years ago. A new push-button tap has replaced old pull levers, and the boxes keep wine fresh for four to six weeks after opening (more than enough time to polish one off). Although the per liter price for this wine would be lower than bottled wine Delillo executives have some concern about customer acceptance of the boxed wine concept.

Assume that you are a consulting team hired to help Delillo make a decision as to whether they should market their wine in boxes. Delillo executives have asked you to create a draft plan to conduct the necessary research. Write a short draft similar to the example. In your draft specify:

1. What variables, or outcomes, you would be most interested in.

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