Project 1: Part 2[Information Visualization]


  • : Data Points, Chapter 3

2-   Colorism in High Fashion [ vogue/]




The goal of this project is to help you see aspects of yourself that you haven’t noticed before in order to understand them better.

Systematic data collection can give us insight into ourselves as individuals by forcing us to notice and document our behaviors, interactions, and experiences that we don’t often pay attention to throughout the day, especially over extended periods of time. In this project, you will become an ethnographer of your own life: you will investigate a variety of your daily activities in order to create a data-portrait that presents a rich, revealing picture of who you are.

Part 2

With the data you have gathered, you are going to prepare the ground for visualization by cleaning, organizing and analyzing your data.

  1. Clean: Is your data complete, what is missing, range check, clean up typos, labelling, finding patterns


  1. Organize: What are the main categories, what can be aggregated, counted or ordered?
  2. Analyze: What data might be interesting to place together for comparison and What does the primary data tell you, in relation to the metadata [who, what, where, when, how, why], What is significant in your data in relation to what you aim to present about your habits?


Design a Quantified ‘Selfie’ poster that reveals the sums, means, and unique traits of your individual quantified research data.

Visualize the data you’ve collected about .The final product can be a scan of a handmade visualization OR a PDF of a visualization created digitally.

Reflect and be ready to present: Which of the 3 is moderately successful, most successful and/or unsuccessful?

Due for next week:

3 Individual Visualizations:

  1. Handmade visualization OR pdf of digital creation
  2. Reveals the sums and averages of your quantified data
  3. A Title that includes your Name, Theme and Revealed personal insights
  4. Numeric Data [sums and averages] of your 3 different data sets
  5. Typography and Photos or Illustrations that support the message you are conveying to your audience

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