Assignment 5: Professional Presentation

With the move to online courses, this presentation will be submitted as a video.
Please record your presentation and upload it to Canvas along with your slides.

During the first month of this course, all students are required to give a 5 minute presentation on an information security topic from the list below. The presentation should be made as though you are giving it to C-Suite level executives for a major organization. In other words, be crisp, clear, and avoid jargon.

You should use PowerPoint slides with no more than 100 words total. Use pictures and diagrams to help convey the subject matter instead. Those that are over 100 words will lose points. This total word count does not include an introductory [title] slide, a slide with references listed, or the closing slide. Please do not go over the 5 minutes allotted. Students who fail to comply with these requirements will receive low grades.

If you put forth a good effort, time the presentation to just under five minutes, don’t read from the slides and limit the slide content to no more than 100 words you will get full credit for this assignment.

References should have been published in the last two years.
Recent events should only include within the last 18 months.

Appropriate Topics:

Buffer Overflows
Remote Access Trojans
Cross Site Scripting [XSS]
Hacking Payment Cards
Hacking WPA2
Malware Reverse Engineering Tools
How does NMAP work?
How does Netcat work?
How did Stuxnet work?
Cyber Warfare Incidents in Ukraine
Recent North Korean Hacking Incidents
Recent Chinese Hacking Incidents
Recent Russian Hacking Incidents
Recent Iranian Hacking Incidents

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Here my request [ Sarah the person order this assignment]: you can do the PowerPoint and give me details of each slides on the side
Like explain the way you are presenting it yourself please or do the video how the requirements ask it and send a copy of PowerPoint so I can do another video explaining it
In case you have more questions please text me to ask
And follow the requirements really well

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