Political Science

This is a Literature Review assignment. So please read the instruction carefully and also look at the examples from my classmates. The sources must come from reliable sources such as JSTOR.

Keep in mind, just do your best. This is a practice literature review, there is no right or wrong. But you must follow the instruction to keep the errors out.

I’d like each of you to generate a very short, very cursory, very incomplete overview of the secondary literature on one of the primary authors below [or your own, and yes, you can do Pateman].  Locate five books, articles, or conference presentations [peer-reviewed, academic sources only] and briefly summarize the following for each:

  • What primary source is it addressing?
  • What question about that primary source is it addressing?
  • What answer does it give?
  • What is at least one answer that it rejects?

Finally, write up a one page summary overview of any common threads between these pieces.

Any of the following would be fine primary sources to start with:

  • Plato [The Republic, the Platonic dialogues]
  • Tocqueville [Democracy in America]
  • Locke [Second Treatise Concerning Government]
  • Rousseau [Discourse on Inequality, The Social Contract]
  • Arendt [The Human Condition, Between Past and Future, Reflections on Little Rock]
  • Rawls [A Theory of Justice, Law of Peoples]
  • Marx [Captial, 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, On the Jewish Question]
  • Aristotle [Politics, Nicomachean Ethics]
  • Mill [On Liberty, Utilitarianism, Considerations on Representative Government]
  • Nietzsche [Genealogy of Morality, Beyond Good and Evil, Birth of Tragedy]
  • Hegel [Philosophy of Right, Philosophy of History]
  • Berlin [Two Concepts of Liberty, Three Critics of the Enlightenment]
  • Smith [Theory of Moral Sentiments, Wealth of Nations]

I’ll give these an overall grade out of 3 points.  3 points means you did fantastic, 2 points means you did fine, 1 points means you had some serious problems and that I want to check in to help out.

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