Personal Statement – Brown University

I need your support in drafting my personal statement for my application to Brown University, I will provide you with all the key points of my experience that I would like you to articulate in this personal statement. I would also like you to review my previous personal statement to get an understanding of my MBA application to another University (so you can understand my journey). That personal statement showed the reasons why I wanted to apply for my MBA. The program I am applying for now is called “PRIME” which is a Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, it is a STEM Masters of Science degree.

Their ask from my personal statement is a statement that gives my reasons to pursue graduate work in the field of my study. The statement should include examples of my past work in my chosen field, my plans for study at Brown, issues and problems I would like to address in my field and my professional goals.

Examples of my past work – this could speak about a few experiences in PwC and Technoflow Trading LLC/ JP Morgan & chase co. (I have included my resume) as well.

My experience – I have an overall experience of more than six years in the Middle East Region and UK. I am currently working as a Manager in PwC and I have been working in this firm for the last 4 years and have been promoted already twice which shows my hunger and passion to grow in an MNC, leadership mindset, entrepreneurial drive, women empowerment mentality (you will see examples from my personal statement). Prior to working in PwC, I supported my dad’s business for 2 years in his business as a Business Development Associate, understanding the market and learning from him and prior to that, I was working in JP Morgan in the UK as an EMEA Operations Analyst supporting the Operations, Risk Management team.

My plans for studying at Brown and this program – My main reason to pursue this course is to gain more understanding on Innovation Management in this world we are living in with a constantly changing environment you have to be innovative in order to survive (I got this mentality working in PwC as we solve our clients complex problems in the Middle East Region by building trust and providing them with innovative solutions) but I also want to understand more on Entrepreneurship in this changing environment as my dad is an Entrepreneur in Dubai and I have seen him drive his business from a 20M USD business to a 100M USD business with 2 recessions (2008 and 2020) and I feel I get the drive of having the entrepreneurship mindset from him.

Issues and problems I would like to address in my field and my professional goals – One of the issues and problems I would like to address is to empower more woman to break the glass ceilings in professional work environments (which I got to experience in PwC) where women don’t feel the need to voice out for pay issues or leadership positions (Hence, me trying to prove a point by getting two promotions in PwC setting examples to woman in my team and other teams). I am even completing my MBA now graduating in Dec this year with a 3.7 GPA, to show woman nothing is impossible but my reason to do my MBA is to constantly gain more knowledge in this changing environment and I am even completing now my MBA whilst working in PwC studying remotely from University of Illinois and through a pandemic.

My ultimate professional goal is to be like one of these strong leaders in an MNC, women of color, inspiring mothers like – Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Rosalind Brewer, Thasunda Brown Duckett. These are just a few names of women that inspire me.

If the writer has any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me but please make sure the writer is good and has captured all the points I have articulated above.

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