Perfect Essay Conclusion: A Comprehensive Guide

Your essay introduction and conclusion are critical in determining how effective your essay is. A lot is at stake when you are drafting your essay conclusion. This is because it is the last chance that you have to persuade your reader.

A nice conclusion also gives an impression of you as a critical thinker as well as an excellent writer. This is because an essay conclusion helps you determine or rather influence the thoughts, ideas, and impression that you leave in the mind of your audience.

Therefore, while writing the conclusion to your essay, you need to exhibit a sense of closure as well as completeness. Other aspects to showcase in your essay conclusion is the possible topics that linger as a result of writing/reading the essay and its implications.In other words, the concluding section of your essay should be as emotive as “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King. Your conclusion ought to raise convictions as well as desire to either explore the emerging possibilities or any other action you had intended to evoke among your audience.

Despite the importance attributed to an essay conclusion, writing an effective and convincing conclusion is not a ‘thing’ for many students. A significant number of them struggle with the concept of effectively concluding their essays. Some of the major questions students ask themselves include:

  • How do I begin my essay conclusion?
  • How do I write an excellent conclusion?
  • What are the best words to start in an essay conclusion?
  • Is there an effective way to start an essay conclusion?
  • How do I write my argumentative essay conclusion?
  • Which is the best way to conclude a comparative essay?

These are just a few of the major issues we have noted that hinder most writers, especially students, from writing an effective conclusion. In this article, we will be providing you with all the basic information you need to coin the most convincing essay conclusion.

What is a Conclusion

A conclusion is the last section in any write-up that tends to sum up the points/arguments highlighted in the body of an essay. The section also often includes an opinion or judgment reached after consideration of the arguments raised in the paper and what such judgment or opinion implies. It aims to bring the paper to a logical and satisfying end that helps the reader transition from the text back into his/her real-life where they are to apply the knowledge, evaluate or analyze situations based on the information included in your essay.

How long should an essay conclusion be? This is one of the questions we have noted that most people struggle with. Most guides usually state that an essay conclusion should be done in oneparagraph. While there is some truth in this, the assumption is a bit biased. Will a 1-page essay have the same one-paragraph conclusion as a 20-page essay? The assumption of a 1-paragraph conclusion does not hold water in the case of a 20-page essay for instance. To clarify this, the length of the conclusion of your essay is dependent on the overall length of your essay.

Similar to the introduction, the conclusion section should be accorded approximately 10% of the overall length of your essay. This means that for a 300-word essay, the conclusion should be about 30 words: for a 2,000-word essay, you will have a 200 words conclusion and so forth. This means that the word count of your essay conclusion should determine the number of paragraphs it occupies. For instance, it would be more logical to have two paragraph conclusion if the required word count for the section is 200 words – consider that a standard paragraph is about 150-words.

Why Do I Have to Write a Conclusion?

A conclusion is necessary in your essay for various reasons. Firstly, it helps summarize the main points in your essay in order to draw attention to your reader of the importance of your perspective. The objective of most essays is to convince your reader to agree with your point of view. The conclusion offers the last chance for you to convince your audience by highlighting the major arguments supporting your perspective on a given topic.

Secondly, the conclusion is similar to the final chord in song lyrics. It is a way of informing your audience that you have come to an end. While writing an essay, you use the introduction section to being readers from their life into the essay – your thoughts to be specific. Conversely, the conclusion offers a transition to the reader from your thoughts back into their real lives where they are to apply, evaluate or analyze aspects, systems or phenomena using the knowledge they have gained by reading your essay.

In this case, the conclusion informs the reader that we have come to an end but leaves them wondering ‘what’s next?’, ‘what does the information I have read imply?’ and such possibilities emanating from the topic of your essay.

The conclusion is also a way of affirming your audience that you have met the objectives of your paper. Every essay aims to achieve some set objectives as captured in the introduction section – the thesis statement to be specific. One of the requirements of writing an effective conclusion is restating your thesis statement and your answers/findings to it. As such, the conclusion is a way of affirming your audience that you have met the objectives you set out in the introduction section.

Another reason why you should have a conclusion is that it helps you be part of a scholarly discourse community. A conclusion gives you a chance to highlight areas of shortcoming while working on your essay. For this reason, you propose areas that need to be explored by scholars in your field who might be interested in the topic you were working on. Such scholars may seek your advice or refer to your work as the foundation of their study.

How to Conclude Your Essay

As we have seen, the conclusion section sums up the end of your essay. Considering the various roles we saw that it should play, the following outlined process should help you write a comprehensive and excellent conclusion:

  • Restate your thesis statement – this comprises of a substantial change in your thesis and purpose statement. Do not make the mistake of simply rephrasing your them.
  • Give a brief analytical review of your supporting ideas – the summary of your arguments helps to assure your reader that you answered the thesis statement of your essay.
  • State the implications of your topic and the findings of your essay
  • Make suggestions of how the reader can apply the knowledge they have gained by reading your essay
  • Make a final insightful remark that will remain in the head of the reader

Effective Approaches to Writing an Excellent Conclusion

The above process gives you a general approach to writing a conclusion. While this is sufficient basic information to help you write the perfect conclusion; there are various approaches you can apply the process given above. These approaches help you to write a conclusion that leaves different effects in the mind of your audience.

  1. The Echo Conclusion/Circular Closing: This approach simply implies that you go back to the theme(s) in your introduction. This method creates a full circle in which the reader is affirmed that your essay helps understand a scenario described in the introduction section.
  2. Use of Prediction: This strategy involves highlighting the importance of your essay. The objective of this strategy is to give your reader some insightful thoughts as pertains to the topic and the application of the information you imparted.
  • ‘Extrapolation’: This strategy involves such as asking questions emanating from the findings of your essay and their broader implications. It simply involves putting the findings of your essay in a different perspective and into a larger context or amplifying them.
  1. ‘So What’ Game: In this case, you write a conclusion to show your audience why they should care about your arguments/topic. The strategy is especially effective in case studies. For instance, one can conclude ‘The study reveals that education was used as a tool for propagating slavery. As such, early African scholars were considered a threat to slavery: hence, they were mistreated and discriminated by the whites in their aim to maintain status quo.’

Rules to Observe while Writing Your Conclusion

Now that we have seen the various ways of writing an effective conclusion, there are a few things you might want to observe. Make sure that your essay conclusion:

  • Is concise
  • Is highly convincing
  • Creates a memorable effect in the mind of the reader
  • Briefly provides the question your essay sought to answer and the subsequent findings
  • Affirms your reader that you have met your objective – addressed a gap in previous literature
  • Re-expresses/restates the objective of your essay – do not just copy-paste your essay introduction or thesis statement
  • Provides suggestions/recommendations for future studies
  • Is about 10% of the length of your essay
  • Does not include new ideas
  • Makes the audience appreciate their time reading the essay
  • Creates a sense of closure to your reader
  • Avoids the urge to apologize
  • Avoids the overused phrases like ‘in summary’ and ‘in conclusion’

Are there Custom Writing Services that Write Conclusions?

Yes, there are custom writing services that can help you coin the best conclusion to your essay. If you are still having problems writing an effective conclusion; possibly don’t have time or for any other reasons you need help writing a conclusion; you can always consider paying an expert to write an essay conclusion for you.

Seeking conclusion writing help is imperative in various ways. Firstly, it will help you improve on your conclusion writing skills. Writing a conclusion is not easy. For this reason, you can pay an expert experienced in formulating effective conclusions to get a working sample. The sample can guide you into writing the perfect conclusion. Writers know what works for specific topics or papers. The writing help you get will assist you approach your conclusion using the best approach.

Secondly, you can seek conclusion writing help in case you are short on time. Writing a conclusion is not as easy as one would want it to be. You need time to sum your essay comprehensively, analyze possible implications, determine possible future trends emanating from its findings and so forth.

In case you don’t have time to do all that, you can have someone write your conclusion for you. This way, you will have saved yourself some significant amount of time. Need we say, avoid the stress associated with writing.

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