Peer Review Copy- Socialization Message Analysis

Peer Review Copy- Socialization Message Analysis (1 point) SUBMIT ON CANVAS

For the peer review copy, you must underline your thesis and put an asterisk (*) next to each topic sentence. Please remove these in your final paper. You will be allowed to revise your paper after the peer review in order to submit a final copy.

Identify a message you have received from one or more of your institutions of socialization (family, media, school, religion, peers), about a cultural power subordinate group in the United States to which you do not belong (e.g. “People with disabilities are inspiring,” “Older adults are poor drivers,” or “Pacific Islanders are friendly.”)

Important: Do NOT choose a message about your own subordinate cultural power identity e.g. If you are a woman do not choose a message about women. Do NOT choose a message about a dominant cultural power identity, e.g. Do not choose a message about men, heterosexuals, wealthy people, etc.

Analyze the origins, validity, and effects of this message.

Origin Analysis (Prompts: What institutions of socialization promoted or contradicted this message? What do you believe was the intent of the message?)
Validity Analysis (Prompts: Do you accept or reject this message? What support or evidence do you have to promote or contradict this message?)
Effect Analysis (Prompts: How might be socialized with this message affect your interactions on a personal level now or in the past? Do you currently teach this message to others or do you teach others a contradictory message? Why? )
All papers will be graded using the Analysis Paper Grading Criteria found in the syllabus.

If your Peer-Review Copy is not submitted before 11:59 pm on the due date, you will not be able to complete the peer review and will lose three (3) points.

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