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Public Relations (PR) Essay

After reading Textbook: Chapters 5-6, please address the following:

Many organizations see public relations as a job anyone with a computer and a social media account can perform. Budgets for PR and other types of communication are often the first to be cut during the lean times. Pick an organization and make an argument to your hypothetical boss about why s/he should not cut your budget for research-specific activities. Identify what type(s) of research you would conduct, why it’s important and how it will help achieve a specific organizational goal or objective. Use the language and terminology you have encountered in this week’s readings.

Case study

Student B is an English language learner and has been in the country for two years. Student B’s parents do not speak English. This student does not have trouble decoding words, but Student B struggles to make connections with content area vocabulary. Student B does not understand affixes and has difficulty with figurative language, affecting comprehension due to lack of vocabulary knowledge.

Write a summary of your thoughts on Student B.
Write 3 measurable and attainable goals for Student B’s literacy progress.
Explain 3 instructional strategies that you would use to implement in order to help Student B meet the goals. Make sure your strategies reflect your goals.
Explain how you would integrate faith in addressing Student B and/or the family.
Make sure you use the grading rubric to guide your writing.

Article Review

Write a critical review of the attached article by answering the attached questions. Must use the 3 sources I am providing on this order. Do not use any other sources. The writer must address the readings and answer EACH question listed on the source document name “Round table questions”.

Nursing Profession

rubric attached, apa 7th edition, references have to be less then 5 years old, and be within the united states. I have more pictures of chapters if you need them.
Provide insight into the different efforts being made to supplement current nursing shortage

Discuss the importance of diversity in nursing and the impact it can have on patient outcomes

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