Parole Reentry

For part 1 of the assignment, please listen to the NPR podcast called “Out Of Prison But Still Trapped: Examining The ‘Afterlife’ Of Incarceration”. Link to Podcast: [*Warning: adult content included].

This podcast previews Dr. Ruben Miller’s new book, Halfway Home in which he followed the lives of about 250 incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women, and spoke with their family and friends about the challenges of life after incarceration including reentry and parole experiences. This interview also discusses firsthand experiences of how parole supervision limits opportunity for people returning from incarceration. At a minimum, your response should answer all components of each question and should be no less than a single page [i.e., about 400 words total].

The assignment is due by Saturday, October 9th at 11:59 pm. Note: Feel free to rely on course material from Chapter 10, 11, and 12 and any previous class notes/PowerPoints to answer the questions. I would highly suggest expanding on notes provided in the lecture and recommend using content from the textbook [e.g., barriers to reentry].

1. Identify and briefly describe two specific barriers that individuals on parole experience upon their release from incarceration.

2. Please describe how parole supervision and conditions of parole release limit individuals’ opportunities to successful return to the community.

3. How might the conditions of probation and parole supervision set individuals up to fail? What are the consequences of technical violations for the greater criminal justice system? Do such consequences contradict with the goals of community supervision, why or why not? Please cite your sources as appropriate.

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