Over the years Canadian multiculturalism evolves to reflect the host nation’s current immigrants

Research Proposal [Draft for you to kindly develop an essay styled final 1 page]
I propose writing a literature review on Canadian multiculturalism for my final paper. To begin, I have created an annotated bibliography of three sources as a starting point for thinking through the subject.
Academic peer-reviewed sources will add a theoretical framework for the essay. For example, I will unpack Kymlica Will [2015]’s “three lives of multiculturalism.” In Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada: Theories, Policies and Debates. Editors Shibao Guo and Lloyd Wong. Sense Publishers.pp.17-36.
Secondly, I will evaluate George G. & Selomos E.D. [2019]’s research titled searching for belonging and confronting exclusion: a person-centred approach to immigrant settlement in Canada. Social Identities, 22 [2], 125-140.
Additionally, John Biles, Erin Tolley & Humera Ibrahim [2005]’s work called does Canada have a multicultural future? Canadian diversity 4[1]:23-28 will help us make sense of Canadian multiculturalism. Bloemraad I. and Wright M. [2014]. “utter failure” or Unity out of Diversity? Debating and Evaluating Policies of Multiculturalism” will bring another lens into the decision.
Finally, I believe in inserting Dewing, M., & Leman, M. [2006]’s Canadian multiculturalism. Ottawa: Library of Parliament, Parliamentary Research Branch.
Research Question
How has Canadian multiculturalism evolved since its conception into policy?
Secondly, what are some academic debates on Canada’s multiculturalism in the twenty-first century?
I will review three primary sources and five peer-reviewed theoretical secondary sources. My speculation is that over the years Canadian multiculturalism evolves to reflect the host nation’s current immigration stalk.
The infamous So What/ Objection?
This investigation endeavours to rely on literature to map Canadian multiculturalism inception, while paying attention to that era’s immigration ethnicity preferences, and the government’s understandings that shaped early associated policies. Secondly, with the changing Canadian demographic landscape, I am interested to investigate how subsequent governments [liberal and conservative] have reshaped policies to accommodate non-European newcomers into the country’s multicultural sphere. I believe reliance on varied literature will offer a multifaceted road map of the country’s multiculturalism trajectory and hopefully also offer futuristic outlooks of the concept.
Theory-based research.
Upon acceptance, hopefully, in mid-February, 2022, I will ensure researching and formulating the literature review for submission

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