Nursing Assignment

For this discussion, first, read chapter 9 in your textbook, Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care and Culturally sensitive communication in healthcare: A concept analysis.

Then, address the following questions:

  1. What cultures, other than your own, do you encounter in your workplace?
  2. Do you have any education within communication? If so, what?
  3. Define communication in your own words.
  4. How do you communicate with patients who speak a different language from you?
  5. How do you meet the patients’ personal desires in combination with their cultural or traditional needs within your work?
  6. What would you say are the greatest challenges of transcultural communication?

Points: 30

Due Dates:

  • Initial Post:
  • Response Post: Sun, – (the response posts cannot be done on the same day as the initial post).


  • Initial Post: Minimum of two (2) total references: one (1) from required course materials and one (1) from peer-reviewed references.
  • Response posts: Minimum of one (1) total reference: one (1) from peer-reviewed or course materials reference per response.

Words Limits

  • Initial Post: Minimum 200 words excluding references (approximately one (1) page)
  • Response posts: Minimum 100 words excluding references.


Note: Since it is difficult to edit the APA reference in the Blackboard discussion area, you can copy and paste APA references from your Word document to the Blackboard discussion area.  Points will not be deducted because of format changes in spacing.



To be successful, complete the following steps in order:

STEP 1. Review the overview.

STEP 2. Click here to download the rubric.

STEP 3. Create a new Word document, type your initial post.

STEP 4. Copy the initial post from the Word document.

STEP 5. Click on the “Click to Launch” link OR on the “DISCUSSIONS” tab located on the left-hand side of your screen in Blackboard.

STEP 6. Post in the discussion forum titled “M4 A9 DB: TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION”

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