Nursing Assignment


The focus of this assignment is to review the skills of EBP that have been introduced and practice throughout the semester.  This activity is a digital break out room.  A digital break out room is a virtual scenario.   Participants will have a main page containing digital locks.  There will be a variety of activities that when solved or completed will provide a code to unlock the digital locks.  Once all locks are solved your group will have “escaped” your break out room and then instructions will be given on how to obtain your assignment points.

What to do: Review the instructions for this week’s assignment.


When you are ready, click the link below.  This will take you to the new beta testing g-develop escape room platform.

  • Once you hit start, it will walk you through the scenario and time will start with the first puzzle.  45 minutes is provided to escape the “EBP Escape Room”.  The timer will be in the upper right corner of the escape room.
  • This is just like an escape room, you need to follow directions carefully and if you get to room and aren’t sure…click around for hints or use the phone for help.
  • You will use ALL of the EBP steps and skills you have learned in this course, so if you need a refresher–it maybe helpful to look over previous lessons and skills prior to completing.
  • Finally, don’t get frustrated, if you are struggling–let me know I maybe able to help.  This is still in Beta testing and is the first time we’ve run this new version of the escape room with students.  Your feedback will be invaluable to helping us move this from Beta testing to a live escape room.
  • Please enjoy this activity. I am excited to share this new learning opportunity with you.

Link to EBP Digital Escape Room [Links to an external site.]

  • Once you complete the EBP Digital Escape Room, you will need to submit the certificate you are provided at the end of the escape room.
    • Clicking the red Submit Assignment button in the upper right of the screen
    • Click the red Submit Assignment button in the bottom right of the assignment to finalize your submission

What to Include

  • You will need to submit the certificate you are provided at the end of the escape room

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