North America Perspective Select MNC Rational Decision Making Analysis on FDI/ Int’Stock Market Fina

Final Analysis Report Canada/North America Perspective on XXXXX – Choose Company (Multi-National Corporation) Rational Decision Making Analysis Report

Choose a multinational corporation (MNC) – The chosen company must gone through one of the following in thepast 5 years:

  1. A major Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  2. International stock market financing
  3. International public debt market financing

Conduct a comprehensive analysis on the Selected MNC on the decision making rational and provide an in-depth discussion about the related financial and its business environment on the major Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), or International stock market financing or International public debt market financing. (Must be North America/Canada Perspective)


*Must conduct report with the rational decision making analysis on the selected MNC*


The Selected MNC (Chosen by the designated Writer):________________


(MUST NOT choose the companies listed below, which including Apple Inc., Alibaba Group, HP Canada, FedEx Corporation, and *companies used in the Uploaded Case Studies PDFs*)


*This report is to analysis the Chosen MNC as the topic stated. DO NOT explain/define what’s MNC or FDI ect.)*



Must-Haves to Complete:

  2. Professionalism and Writing Perspectives:
    1. This analysis will be written in the formprofessional manner
    2. Tone of paperMUST use North America and CanadianInternational Finance and Global Capital Market Strategy throughout the analysis report
  • DO NOT use “I” or “they” or “He” etc.
  1. MUST maintain Business formal and professional tone.
  2. Provide innovated ideas, thoughts, and perspectives in analysing the Organization
  3. Demonstrates exemplary understanding of the question, advanced use of critical thinking, application of ideas
  • Providing a new thought, idea, or perspectives
  1. Integrate Course Materials with Research Analysis
    1. Cheol Eun and Bruce Resnick (2014). International Financial Management: 7th edition.
    2. Course PPT
  • Case Studies:
    • Case 1: EUR not safe yet The euro still needs fixing How to make the single currency’s next 20 years better than the first 20
    • Case 2: Business CFO Journal-Companies Warn Currency Swings Will Weigh on Earnings Diageo, Unilever say volatile exchange rates have led to poorer financial performance
    • Case 3: BMW to build 1 billion euro car factory in Hungary By Reuters Staff
    • Case 4: Innovative approaches to cross-listings December 2016  |  EXPERT BRIEFING  |  CAPITAL MARKETS
  1. References:
    1. Textbook materials
    2. Uploaded course materials including PPT, Case studies, ect.
  • Research Materials
  1. Primary scholarly references
  2. Secondary scholarly references
    1. MUST NOT fill words counts with long quotations, Facts, Statistics Numbers and irrelevant and unnecessary materials to increase word count
    2. MUST NOT analysis or draw attention in repeat the guiding questions provided – eg. By repeating the question to increase word counts
  • MUST NOT oversize any charts, figures, pictures to increase word count or page count
  1. MUST NOT apply minimal wordings but big figures to increase word count
  1. Please do not hesitate to rise/ask any questions before pursuing on writing this Final Report!

International Finance and Global

This course is designed to develop a critical managerial perspective on key financial management issues confronting firms operating in a global environment. Through developing an understanding of financial markets, systems, and institutions, students will address a wide range of topics including equity, debt, foreign exchange, and credit instruments, as well as the principal derivative products. In a step-by-step fashion, making extensive use of real-world cases and examples, students will engage in such topics as: money markets, foreign exchange, bond markets, cash equity markets, equity valuation techniques, swaps, forwards, futures, credit derivatives, options, option risk management and convertible bonds.

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