Myths About Selection by Reinforcement

  1. Find a video that contains operant or respondent conditioning
    2. Write an APA Professional Paper by applying key concepts from pages 31 to 148 of Donahoe and Palmer (2004) to the video that you chose. (the link to download the book:
    3. I only really need you to write the body which is 3 pages and the abstract. I can do the title page and reference page. Just make sure that you give me a link to the video that you choose so that I can site that as well.

Assignment Overview

Each student will identify (or create) a video example of complex behavior and describe how it illustrates the selection of behavior using terms from class. Your paper should also include a discussion of common misconceptions about the selection of behavior.


The Video

The video could be from a real-life, naturalistic event (e.g., Ozzie and the lemon), but it could also be from a TV show or movie (e.g., the clip from The Office that was shown in class). Please do not create one of those weird examples where someone sprays or throws objects at their roommate.All students must select a novel video clip, and the clip must be claimed on the Discussion Board on Canvas.


The Format of Your Paper

The paper should be NO MORE THAN 6 PAGES including a title page, abstract, and reference page. In other words, the body of the paper should be no more than 3 pages. The paper should be formatted as a Professional Paper, not a Student Paper (see APA manual).


The Content of Your Paper

Your paper should focus on applying key concepts from pages 31 to 148 of Donahoe and Palmer (2004). Said differently, your task is to provide a conceptual interpretation of the examples of behavior in the video clip through the lens of a (radical) behavioral psychologist. Groovy. In other otherwords, you are explaining the responses in the video in a manner that is similar to how Newton explained the relation between the tides and the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.


ALL papers should identify behavior-environment relations using terms from class. Some examples include respondent, unconditioned stimulus, conditioned stimulus, operant, and reinforcing stimulus. However, you should also apply key concepts illustrating additional complexities. Sample topics on complexities include blocking, stimulus generalization, intermittent reinforcement, resistance to extinction, conditioned reinforcement, environmental or behavioral chains, and shaping.I suggest focusing on applying 2 of these concepts and addressing them thoroughly, rather than providing a surface application of several concepts.


Friday Classes

Because you will each be submitting a separate paper, you will not be collaborating on completing a paper with your peers. However, there is something for you to do each Friday—aside from the Friday with Fall Break—before your final paper is submitted.

Class 14–Select video and post to Discussion board.

Class 19 – Submit evidence that you met with someone in the writing center to receive feedback on a completed draft before submitting a final version. Please note that you have a little over three weeks to complete this project and appointments can fill up fast at the writing center. So, I recommend that you make a schedule for yourself and schedule an appointment sooner rather than later. Completing this task will directly impact the points you earn on your final paper.

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