Moral, legal, and professional ethical considerations of confidentiality

Week 4 Assignment Instructions:

This week you will write a 4- to 5-page paper addressing the moral, legal, and professional ethical considerations in the following case study. There are times when clients’ issues complicate confidentiality due to unsafe client behaviors and legal issues. This paper provides the opportunity to critically think about how an addiction counselor would navigate these issues and maintain responsible client care. To complete this assignment, use the NAADAC Codes of Ethics, TAP 21, TIP42, HIPAA regulations, and additional codes of ethics as applicable.

Read the Case Study: Shane.

Resource: Safety Plan and Harm Reduction Template

Part A (2–3 pages)

Answer all questions below about ethical considerations:

  • What is John’s ethical responsibility versus his legal obligation to provide Shane’s mental health record to Mr. Parks?
  • What steps need to be taken to ethically and legally provide Mr. Parks with the requested information?
  • What is John’s responsibility as a licensed addiction professional regarding Shane’s unwillingness to prevent the spread of HIV (duty to warn)? What steps would need to be taken (if any) to ethically and legally address this issue?
  • As a licensed addiction professional, what is John’s responsibility and legal obligation to address the client’s current crisis? What specific steps need to be taken?
  • Are HIPAA regulations being followed? Which HIPAA regulations need to be followed in Shane’s case? Provide a rationale for your response.

Part B (2 pages)

Using the provided template, create a harm reduction plan to address Shane’s substance use disorder.

Be sure to address the following:

  • Substance use disorder
  • Mental illness
  • Contagious medical condition
  • Medication compliance
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Collaboration needed for client care
  • Address any ethical violations

Using the provided template, create a safety plan to address Shane’s suicidal ideation. Include the following:

  • Duty to warn
  • Duty to protect

Assignment Details:

Your assignment should be a 4- to 5-page expository essay, not including the title and reference pages, and should include the following elements:

  • Title page: Provide your name, title of assignment, course and section number, and date.
  • Body: Answer all the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs.
    • Your responses should reflect professional writing standards, using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct and accurate, and reflect knowledge of skills and practice in the human service profession.
  • Reference page: Sources listed in APA format.
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced and left-aligned.
  • Use standard 1″ margins on all sides.
  • Use APA formatting and citation style.

This assignment assesses the following Course Outcome:

Analyze the relationships among moral, legal, and professional codes and standards of practice in ethical decision making, according to the relevant codes of ethics in the addictions field.

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