Mid-term Assessment

Read Dr. Goleman’s Article, What Makes a Leader? The Mid-term requirements are an 8 page APA 7 formatted research paper using Times New Roman 12 font. Provide 4 scholarly References, including [2] HBR articles, including What Makes a Leader?
Define Emotional Intelligence – According to Dr. Goleman
1] Define the Five [5] Components of Emotional Intelligence, according to Dr. Goleman – that is, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Empathy, Motivation, and Social Skills
2] Provide a case study that you construct – a scenario — from your workplace OR the external, tumultuous, and constantly-changing environment, national or global.
3] Discuss and critically analyze The Gap in Emotional Intelligence — using the case study/scenario that you construct – using Dr. Goleman’s discussion of 5 components as framework for analysis
In other words,
[a] Identify the Absence of Emotional Intelligence as Demonstrated in Your Workplace OR Exemplified in a Current Event in the National/Global Environment.
b] Connect the case scenario/incident to 5 of Dr. Goleman’s components of emotional intelligence and critically analyze/discuss the connection and the impact on the organization, or on society, or on the individuals [workers] in the workplace
4] To fill the gap in emotional intelligence, What Could Have Been Done Differently/how could the outcome have been different by incorporating each of Dr. Goleman’s strategies? That is, what are possible solutions to filling the gap using Dr. Goleman’s framework?
5] Conclusion: My Role as Leader — How Can Leaders Become More Emotionally Intelligent to Benefit the Workplace, Organization, National/Global Environment, and Enhance their Leadership? What strategies can a leader incorporate, particularly in the tumultuous national/global environment, including, but not limited to, the impact of the global pandemic, the economic climate, the scarcity of resources, the workforce decline [workers quitting their jobs]?
6] Identify 3 Action Steps to Move the Organization Forward, to a Better Trajectory, a Better Course of Action.
The following are page guidelines:
Page 1: Cover Page
Page 2: Abstract
Page 3: Case Study [Constructed or extracted from a current event in the National/Global Environment]
Pages 4,5, 6: Discuss and critically analyze The Gap in Emotional Intelligence — using the case study/scenario that you construct – using Dr. Goleman’s 5 component model as framework for analysis
Page 7: My Role as Leader AND 3 Action Steps to Move the Organization Forward
Page 8: Reference Page [References] — 4 Scholarly References Required
Writing Sources include:
a] American Psychological Association. [2018]. Concise Rules of APA Style. 7th ed. Washington, DC:
b] Writing Resource Guide

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