Merli Mischel’s Uncertainty in Illness Theory

This assignment is designed to help the student go beyond mere knowledge of a practice level nursing theory. The assignment requires an analysis and evaluation of the selected theory using an established set of criteria. The paper should be clear and organized, presenting the tenants of the theory and reflections on the applicability of the theory in practice.

Choose a middle range theory of interest through literature search.
Identifies choice of theory to course faculty.
Write a scholarly paper of approximately 5-7 pages in which you describe the chosen theory providing a rationale for your choice. Complete an analysis and practical application of the theory using the guidelines on the rubric. Paper should be written in third person using APA format.

An overview of the theory and the major concepts and propositions [if identified].
Indicate how or whether the theory addresses the metaparadigm concepts: person, environment, health and nursing
Analyze the theory utilizing a framework e.g. Chinn & Kramer [2014], Chapter 8.
Indicate how the patterns of knowing in nursing are reflected in this theory [Carper 1978; Chinn & Kramer, 2011; Heath, 1998]
Provide your evaluation of the theory, including your perspectives and reactions
Provide a summary of major points of critique and offer recommendations on how the theory could be refined, clarified or expanded
Identify how this theory would be applied in a specific nursing setting or situation
Use Theory/Analysis Criteria to guide the theory analysis in the paper.
Include a practice application for this theory
Provide a reference list of at least 3 sources not including your textbooks
Use APA [7th ed.] format for the paper, including; title page, running head, pagination, quotations and references
Submit your paper to the Stritch online writing lab [OWL] and provide a copy of the feedback with your paper. Make any edits to the original paper and submit the paper with OWL comments separately.

Note: Mid-Range Nursing Theories are “narrower in scope than grand theories, composed of a limited number of concepts and propositions written at a relatively concrete and specific level”

The Fawcett, [2005] reading defines the criteria for analysis of a theory. [see article in Module 7]

The Evaluation and Analysis Paper is due Week Seven [10/12/21].

The following rating criteria will be used for grading:

Advanced = addresses all required criteria fully and accurately and demonstrates preparation and presentation skills’ and knowledge required for the assignment.

Proficient = address all criteria and demonstrates preparation as required for the assignment.

Developing = addresses or partially addresses most of the criteria required for the assignment

Unacceptable = Criteria are inaccurately or incompletely addressed or parts of the assignment are missing.

Submit the paper and the OWL review here

NRS 502 Theory Analysis Paper
NRS 502 Theory Analysis Paper
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscusses Choice of Theory with Instructor

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