Medical Ethics Paper

Read the case described here:
A Case of Schizophrenia in a Young Male Adult with no History of Substance Abuse: Impact of Clinical Pharmacists’ Interventions on Patient Outcome

There are two prescriptions that I want you to discuss, at intake and discharge.
At intake, the patient “was initially administered a dose each of IM haloperidol 10 mg and IV diazepam 10 mg for rapid tranquilization when he was admitted due to aggression.”
At discharge, the patient was prescribed “IM flupentixol 20 mg every 4 weeks and olanzapine 5 mg tablet daily (to be tapered off in 3 months)”.

In your paper, explain what informed consent is and when it needs to be obtained.
You should discuss regarding this case, justifying your answers,
Whether informed consent from the patient was required at intake and discharge. (If not, should someone else be making decisions for the patient?)
Whether the patient was capable of giving informed consent at intake and discharge.
What information needs to be conveyed for informed consent at intake and discharge.
What steps should be taken to make sure that the patient (or whoever might be making a decision for the patient) understands the given information.

You can find that the case description does not give you enough information to answer these questions. Then you should describe what steps need to be taken to obtain that information.

You can rely on information from our textbook (relevent chapter has been uploaded), but you can also do more research. You may want to do some research about the medications prescribed.

If you want to do research into legal requirements, you can assume for the sake of this paper that the treatment is in New York City.

List all sources used in MLA format.

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