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QB5003 Marketing Management 2021-22

Coursework Assessment

20% Group Presentation

Based on the Team simulation exercise. At the end of the exercise Teams are required to produce a 9-minute presentation (a narrated / recorded PowerPoint). Details for this will be provided in the Delivery (teaching) Week.


80% Individual Essay (Max 1800 words)

Select a commercial organization that you are familiar with.

With reference to relevant theory from the lectures, workshops and associated readings for this course, including the ‘essential’ journal articles you have been specifically asked to read for this task (see below), and information/evidence from publicly available sources:

  1. Identify and profile at least one key target segment in which the organization operates, the needs that its typical customers are seeking to fulfil, and the type of value these consumers derive from the organization/brand’s products or services (you should consider concepts such as segmentation variables, customer profiling, Hierarchy of Needs, and typology of value)
  2. Identify and analyse the key competitors for the organization/brand in this particular segment, and critically evaluate how it is positioned in relation to these competitors (you should consider concepts such as direct/indirect/replacement competitors, value propositions, perceptual mapping, differentiation and competitive advantage)
  • Use a relevant model (e.g. Anatomy of the Brand or Brand Prism), and information from publicly available sources, to deconstruct the intended brand identity of the company and critically discuss how, and how effectively, it has communicated this through each aspect of the marketing mix. Critically discuss the effects of ‘uncontrollable’ factors or communication in helping or harming the degree to which consumers hold a brand image that is in line with the intended brand identity.


You CANNOT choose the following companies for this individual assignment:Apple, BMW, Mercedes, Nike, Qatar Airways, Samsung.

The essential reading for this coursework task is as follows. One of the criteria you will be assessed on is your engagement, understand and ability to apply some of the content in this papers in your coursework:

  1. Sheth, J.N., Newman, B.I. and Gross, B.L., 1991. Why we buy what we buy: A theory of consumption values. Journal of business research22(2), pp.159-170.
  2. Bergen, M. and Peteraf, M.A., 2002. Competitor identification and competitor analysis: a broad‐based managerial approach. Managerial and decision economics23(4‐5), pp.157-169.
  3. Nandan, S., 2005. An exploration of the brand identity–brand image linkage: A communications perspective. Journal of brand management12(4), pp.264-278.

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