Marketin Plan (We- Haul Mobile) – Evaluation and Criteria

Please follow the instructions provided below to answer the questions.

Question –
The writer needs to write this paper describing –

10. Evaluation and Control
This section details how the results of the marketing plan will be measured and evaluated. The control portion of this section includes the types of actions the firm can take to reduce the differences between the planned and the actual performance.

If the writer looks at the samples provided, they can draft this paper in a similar format.

Write a small brief on the approach taken for the company to evaluate and control its marketing plan and then provide a table showing the three headings Metric / Target / Corrective Action Plan.

Additional Resources for the writer –
I have included my teams Midterm Marketing Plan (File name – C090_Midterm) for the writer to understand what company and idea we are working on for the final marketing plan.

I have also included couple of Samples of the Marketing Plan for the writer to get an idea on how to draft the section – Evaluation and Control (Files – Piece of Cake – Marketing Plan & Sample 1 Plotted Final Marketing Plan)

I have also included the survey results that my team conducted for the company we are working on for the Marketing Plan to get value data on our idea (File Name – We_Haul_Mobile_Survey_Results)

Additional Course Readings –
Bosetti, K. (December 13, 2018). Stand out: 5 ways to combine traditional and digital marketing.

Braccialini, C. (n.d.) Online advertising: everything you need to know in 2021. Hubspot.

Chierotti, L. (March 26, 2018). Harvard Professor says 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious.

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Sumpton, P. (n.d.) Marketing theories – the communications mix. Professional Academy.—the-communications-mix

Font & Format Used – Times New Roman and Font 12

If the writer has any queries please feel free to reach out to me.

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