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paper is a minimum of 2 pages but may be more. A separate title page is required. On the title page you put an original title, not the same as the title of the film/book . The title must indicate the theme of your paper and what is your take on the film or filmic theme that will be explored in the paper. Do not replicate any of this information on the subsequent pages of your paper. The paper is composed of an introduction to the theme, a thesis statement, a motivation [which is a reason why this thesis is of general interest to readers, not just of interest to you]. The body of the paper is an illustration of your thesis statement, with frequent references to the film. When you refer to a scene or shot from a film, you must provide the time stamp from the film, using the hour, minute and second of the start of the clip [1:15:30]. When you cite a passage from one of the chapters of the book, you must give the author’s name and the page number for your reference in this author/page format: “….quote…” [philip john usher]. Once you have provided convincing and persuasive evidence of your argument, you can conclude the paper with a conclusion. The purpose of the conclusion is to recap and restate what you have demonstrated, adding a layer of coherence to the entire piece of writing.

This is the film I must watch to write the essay Discipline: literature and movies. Breathless Jean luc Godard 1960 movie

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