Madden Challenge

Your Phase #1 deliverables include the following:1. A portal website2. One-page slick (pdf document or PNG)3. Oral presentation with supporting PPT stack (and please use only PPT and not some other presentation tool like Prezi).4. Each team member MUST upload the website link to Canvas.

Portal WebsiteYou must create a basic portal website for your project. You can certainly use tools like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, or anything else of your choosing. Treat this portal website as the website you might see for an existing product/service such as WhatsApp. For Phase #1, this website will be very simple and act only as a mechanism for you to submit your Phase #1 deliverables. At a minimum, your website needs to include four options in the top Horizontal menu:1. Home – This is the launch page and should include your team name and the tentative name of your product/service innovation. It will include also, in 20-30 words, how your innovation helps people (i.e., why is your innovation beneficial).2. Investor Page3. One-Page Slick – This page will contain your one-page slick in downloadable format (Word or pdf document).4. PPT Stack – This page will contain the PPT stack you use to present Phase #1 in class (in downloadable format).5. Contact – For each person, you need name, email address , title (job position if you were actually going into business), and bio. You also need a team or individual photos.Feel free to be creative and inspired as you wish while creating your website. But please do understand that, at this point, you are not being evaluated on design and aesthetics. So, don’t spend much time during Phase #1 on your website. Keep it simple and make sure it includes the four elements above.

One-Page SlickWe’ll work on the development of a one-page slick in class. The following are general guidelines:1. 1 page maximum2. All team member names3. The tentative name of the product/service innovation4. WHY are you proposing your innovation? What is the problem, opportunity, or un-met need you are addressing? You’ll want great supporting statistics for this. You must have a minimum of 6 statistics5. WHAT are you proposing? You’ll have to be succinct in your description. But, you do need a solid feature list/description.6. WHO is your target market? You’ll want some statistics that describe your overall market characteristics (demographic, behavioral, and psychographic) and the size of your target market. The latter must be a specific number, not something like “everyone” or “really big.”Think of your one-page slick as the only document you get to send to a potential investor. What would peak his/her interest? How can you demonstrate real value with your innovation? Be aggressive in your writing and create a sense of urgency. But, avoid marketing-glitzy writing like promising to forever change the human race, “get in on the ground floor before it’s too late,” etc. Again, we’ll work on this in class.Another way to think about your on-page slick is in the form of an infographic. It needs to be highly visual, well designed in terms of layout, etc.

PPT StackYour supporting PPT stack will include:1. Cover slide with team member names, team name, and product/service innovation name (the latter of which may be tentative at this point) (1 slide maximum)2. Idea Overview – 30 words or less; how succinctly can you convey how your innovation benefits your target market? Try to do this with a very simple, short statement followed by a few bullet points (1 slide maximum)3. WHY: Problem, Opportunity, or Un-Met Need Description – the real value proposition of your innovation; statistics to substantiate the existence of the problem, opportunity, or need; why people will want to use your innovation (1 slides)4. WHAT: Product/Service Description – more detail about the proposed functionality of your innovation, its features, etc. (1 slides); it’s great to have mock-ups for this, even if they are hand drawn5. WHO: Target Market – who are you going after; their behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data; these slides should be very data-driven (1 slides)6. HOW: This is very general at this point, but you may include things like a proposed revenue model, where you’ll sell (e.g., in retail stores, online, through a marketplace, etc), B2C versus B2B, distribution channels, and so on. (1 slides 7. Competition – who are your big competitors, simple list will suffice (1 slide maximum)So, your business “plan” is in the form of a presentation, slide deck, and a one-page slick.IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT NOTE: The terms problem, opportunity, and un-met need are all the same. So, you will not have problem slides, opportunity slides, and un-met need slides. We use these three terms interchangeably to represent “why” you are proposing your innovation.

The project is about Golf technology

Please do the slides for WHY , WHAT, WHO and HOW

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