Literature Review: FINAL ASSIGNMENT



A critical skill at the doctoral level is the ability to conduct scholarly research guided by clearly articulatedresearchquestionsthataddressaspecificissueorproblem.Forthisliteraturereview,your research will be guided by the following three ResearchQuestions:


  1. How do individual and group decision processes aid or impede business decisionmaking?
  2. What are the newest directions and developments in the process of strategy development and execution?
  3. How can my academic discipline [DBA Program Cognate], as a function within the organization, impact the process of business strategy development andexecution?


Thefirsttwoquestionsareexploredfromabroadbusinessperspective,whilethethirdquestiongives youtheopportunitytochangeyourframeofreferencetoyourspecificcognateintheDBAProgram.


The purpose of this research project is for you to create a scholarly piece of doctoral level research and writing which conforms to current APA format.


What are we looking for in this literature review?


A literature review discusses published information in a particular subject area and sometimes information in a particular subject area within a certain time period. This literature review will be more than just a simple summary of information from various sources as it will include an organizational pattern that combines both a summary and synthesis of information. Please keep in mind that a summary is a re‐encapsulation of the important information found in the source, while a synthesisisare‐organizationandcombiningofthatinformationtopresentamorecompletepicture. Finally, the literature review will evaluate the sources and advise the reader of the most pertinent or relevantpoints.



Specific Instructions:


  • Follow the outline generated in the Literature Review: Outline Assignment to include any feedback from your instructor.
  • Minimum of 24 pages not including introduction andconclusion
  • No less than 8 pages addressing each researchquestion
  • Minimum of 18 sources not including coursetexts
  • No less than 6 sources for each researchquestion
  • 1 inch margins, Double Spaced, Maximum of 12 pointfont
  • APA current edition. Format to include Cover Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, andReference Section

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