See Literature quotations and provide a reflective summary of a minimum 5 sentences each for QTY 6 quotations.

Beginnings to 1700


The Iroquois Creation Story p. 32 [20] [17]

First Encounters

  • Bradford: Of Plymouth Plantation p. 73 [74] [58]
  • Winthrop: A Model of Christian Charity p. 92 [91] [75]
  • Edward Taylor: “Prologue” p. 153; “Meditations” 154;  “Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children”; “Huswifery” p. 157 [144] [134]
  • Mather: The Wonders of the Invisible World p. 160 [151] [143]

Rowlandson:  A Narrative p. 132 [126] [8th ed]

* In addition to these selections, please choose another author or two and read some of their work.  Just because this course emphasizes diversity doesn’t mean we can’t also read some of the more traditional [or not] works we may already have heard of.

Each log should include quotations from the readings due for the module [5 per week] and a reflective commentary of at least 5 sentences – minimum.  [That will get you a minimum grade.  PLEASE write more.] You can write your log in the form of an informal letter or essay, or you can write it as a list of paragraphs.

Step 1.  First of all, identify the genre of the piece from which you are quoting.

Step 2.  What should I include in the commentary for each log?  Below are just ideas to get you thinking.  Not all may apply.  Feel free to use your own ideas concerning the text.  Write at least 5 sentences minimum per quote. [That will get you a minimum grade.  Write more if you want a better grade.  Use the questions below to stimulate your thinking.]

  • In your comments, explain why you chose each quote and what you can deduce from it.
  • Who do you think is speaking here, and whom is s/he speaking to?
  • What is the speaker talking about, and what do you think s/he’s hoping to accomplish by this?
  • Do you have any ideas about how this quotation can help us understand the text?
  • Specifically, how do the literary genres and themes relate to historical, cultural, and social contexts?
  • Do you have any thoughts about why it might-or might not– have been persuasive to the intended audience?
  • Is this something that you find persuasive now?
  • Is there anything you would like to remember from this text for your own life; if so, what and why?
  • Do you have anything you would like to say to this author?


#1] The Iroquois Creation Story

“Among the ancients there were two worlds in existence.”

Reflective commentary:

#2] Wonders of the Invisible World by Cotton Mather

That there is a Devil, is a thing doubted by none but such as are under the influences of the devil.”

Reflective commentary:

#3] Wonders of the Invisible World by Cotton Mather

“Wilderness is a temporary condition through which we are passing to the Promise Land.”

Reflective commentary:

#4] Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children by Edward Taylor

“That as I said, I say, take, Lord, they’re thine. I piecemeale pass to Glory bright in them. In joy, may I sweet Flowers for Glory breed, Whether thou getst them green, or lets them seed.”

Reflective commentary:

#5] Housewifery by Edward Taylor

“Make me, O Lord, thy Spining Wheele compleate.”

Reflective commentary:



“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Reflective commentary:

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