Lifespan Development

I have an existing PP, but it needs to be improved according to my teacher’s comments. I will add some examples what teacher gave me , and my PP draft.

TASK: Produce a poster using PowerPoint that critically evaluates the statement, “An individual’s personality is fully developed by the end of early adulthood.” Your arguments must be supported by scientific research and citations. [poster 1500 words] and transcript word-to-word when when I start performing in front of the class [2000 words] On the poster slide, you should split up the information into distinct sections and use bullet-points, diagrams, tables and pictures to present the content where appropriate. In the first section, you should introduce the topic of personality development. In the next section, you should provide a critical evaluation of the statement, “An individual’s personality is fully developed by early adulthood.” Your evaluation should include arguments both for and against the statement, supported by scientific research articles from peer reviewed journals with accompanying citations. These key research articles should be explored in depth [i.e. providing a summary of their aims, methods, findings and conclusions] You should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the key studies you discuss in terms of their methodological approach and how this might affect confidence in the findings. To obtain the highest marks, you should also incorporate contemporary issues/ topics. In the final section, you should present a logical conclusion based upon the arguments made both for and against the statement.

Transcript should be word-to-word when you if you submit it in self form

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