Legal Child custody rights In UAE Vs Iceland

Research details:

Paper details;

The assessment comprises of two parts:

1. Conceptual Discussion and Critique 2,000 words Topic is Legal child custody’ choose a thesis that fits the topic
2. Policy Critique [linked to the concept] 2,000 words [choose a thesis that fits the conceptual part]

– Always refer to Sustainable development and Human rights in all aspects [THIS IS THE MODULE OF THE PAPER]
– concept selected for the conceptual essay must inform your chosen policy

1. conceptual [you need a thesis here]
– convention rights of child
– How family constructs in the middle east/UAE
– emphasis of family, is it religious or cultural and how they interplay
– Best interest of the child”- is it one size fits all for all children?
a. What is “best interest of the child”
b. Under what circumstances, on whom, and who decides?
– Gender inequality and bias-
a. How mothers are discriminated against in cases of child custody.
b. Gender equality instead of gender bias [why can a man re-marry and still have custody but the mother cannot]
c. Consequences of Gender Bias
d. Changes in Custody Arrangement
– UAE Civil law for NON-Muslims: relating to civil marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance.

2. Policy [you need a different thesis here that links to conceptual part]
choose a thesis matching the conceptual part
– This will explore policies rights in UAE compared to Iceland [Iceland is ranked 1 in Europe for child rights]
– UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 “Wadeema Law” link it to child custody
– The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC]
– • Article 24 of the UN rights of the child
– • Committee on the Rights of the Child
– You can explore this section depending on what you choose as your thesis [i didn’t choose a thesis for both parts, please choose 2 thesis for both parts]

Writing notes:

– Well researched-evidence based
– Well developed-structured thought process
– Well written-ideas communicated effectively
– academic perspective not literature
– start with a quote

– A bibliography should be included at the end of the coursework. Please note that work which is not properly referenced will not achieve a good grade. You must fully attribute any quotations or passages taken from articles or textbooks. Failure to do so may result in your work being referred to the Academic Registry for plagiarism.

– All academic
– For the sources, I chose 25, you can go above if you wish.

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