Leadership Studies

salvation army 20 to 25 company


This discussion contains two parts, Part I: Organizational Information, and Part II: Assessment Plan.

Part I: Organizational Information

In this section, describe the organization you will assess. Provide information like a brief history, mission and vision, products/goods/services provided, organizational structure, where its located, its physical environment, number of employees, etc. Give us the “big picture” of the organization; it should be detailed enough, so someone who has never heard of it can visualize its context accurately. Attached is a list of a questions that may help you dig deep into the organization; keep in mind, this list is NOT all-inclusive.

Part II: Assessment Plan

In this section, describe the methods you will use to collect information about the organization, and how you will go about performing the assessments. There are four major ways to collect data for your study, listed below; you should, ideally, choose a combination of methods.

Direct observation of organizational events and behavior (department meetings, day-to-day work, special events)
Analysis of documents (memos, reports, handbooks, press releases, and so on)
Conversations or interviews with participants in the organization (who might include managers, employees, clients, and so on)
Internal reports or assessments
In this section, you should also identify the primary contact with whom you will be corresponding during the assessment process.

NOTE: You will not be able to access other students’ posts until you create a new discussion thread.

When responding to your peers, think about the organization they’re examining. Ask questions to glean new insights about the organization your peer may not have thought to share, generate new ideas to assess the organization.

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