Leadership Development Paper

Leadership Development Paper

Various circumstances could greatly influence the Leadership style. Leaders can exploit conditions, statutes or surrounding to achieve their influential role in the society. People develop their leadership skills when faced with challenges and/or inspired to make a change in the society. However, leadership has not been given quality attention and indulgent resulting in an inherent confusion of management. This misperception could pose negative implication to the growth and development of human and organizations. Therefore, an inference can be made that understanding the concept of leadership, assessment of personal strength and limitations and utilization of growth opportunities are pertinent in the making of a leader. This paper provides an exploration of potential progression based on DISC evaluation while giving personal experiences of my dealing with challenges. Moreover, the paper evaluates the importance of leadership knowledge attained in my studies in my leadership skills growth.

DISC experiential revealed that I have a combination of Supportive and Dominant traits. The Dominant traits are stronger compared to the Supportive traits. Industrious and practicality are my areas of strength. These traits have enormous importance in my life but are also associated with certain constraints. During my working in a resettlement department, I realized that I lack flexibility and innovative management. Low degree of innovativeness has also hindered my personal growth, caused stagnation and low morale. Manager’s failure to motivate and inspire their workers limits breakthrough spirit of potential leaders. Cultural and language barriers cause further limit motivation causing loss of progression at a human and organizational level and self-doubt.

Recognition of these drawbacks allows for positive change. Promoting my motivation to achieve more, teamwork abilities and have more diligence will result in positive benefits from my DISC assessments. Improving my involvement in various activities such as volunteering, serving as board member and co-chairs will help me be more confident and put my leadership skills to text. I will use my practicability trait strength to help and support others with the aim of creating a network rather than a hierarchy in achieving particular goals. I will also identify a mentor to develop and familiarize myself with effective ways of leading others.

Despite my Industrious and practical nature am usually motivated by others. My clients influence my working. However, am preserved during managerial level interactions. Therefore, I intend to complete DISC assessment for insights and analysis results to help me cope with my leadership challenges. Am an outgoing person although I have problems expressing my thoughts and feelings in a clear as well as build productive relationships. Moreover, I need to learn how I can fully maximize my strengths effectively. I will involve myself in initiatives that will help me overcome the feeling of a newcomer and get exposed to the system effectively.

One of my weakness is the fear of making a mistake despite the likely lesson that it may have. However, I have the self-confidence and courage to allow me admit the mistakes and change accordingly. Am also ready to make decisions without the aim of pleasing others and deal with any resulting disagreement productively. Am an excellent motivator of people, self-disciplined and enjoy interacting at with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Nevertheless, am hesitant to take responsibilities and bear with long-term commitments. In light of these drawbacks, I intend to take a career path that will fulfill my purpose and passion while helping me overcome them. I have attained sufficient leadership knowledge from class, experience and my sincere interest in the existing challenges prove that it is possible for me to experiment my leadership skills.

In the course of engagement with the class materials, I have obtained knowledge from the pool of a wide variety of resources that allowed me to gain and hone the best leadership skills. The ideas and experiences gathered from across various Ted talks, live interview with CEOs, ability to create YouTube profiles, reaction and other papers and networking are pertinent in shaping my skills. Moreover, my interest to increase my productivity, prevent losses and my areas of strength will enhance my leadership skills further.

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