Journal Article Paper

I need you to do the second part of the Assignment which is considered to be “Journal Article”.
First, read the Case Vignette of the client and the Journal Paper Guidline.
Second, read the first / Personal Reflection part of the Assignment that I’ve already done to understand the diagnosis and the problem of the client better.
Third, I have attached 3 Peer reviewed articles that could be used for the second part of the Assignment. Choose one of the 3 articles that I have attached or find the peer-reviewed article of your own choice, if you feel that it fits better with the assignment and write how you could apply what you learned from the article to working with this client / providing the client with the therapy. The main focus of the attached articles is an anxiety Treatment.
So, if you decide to choose one of my articles focus in your writing on an anxiety Treatment.

Note*** This is the explanation about the second part of the assignment from the attached Paper Guideline, you could find it in the attached Paper Guideline as well. 4] Select a peer-reviewed journal article related to cultural considerations for treatment that are applicable to this specific client and discuss how you can apply what you learned from this article to working with this client.

Note*** Professor mentioned not hyper focus on just anxiety for this client in the first part of my paper [which I have already done and attached here], since that is what the article focus on. Could you please also review the first part of my presentation just to correct some grammatical and spelling mistakes in it. :]

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